Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Auction to Help Famine Victims is Now Live

Since it was African famine victims who set me on the course to end food waste, I feel compelled to do what I can to help those suffering from hunger.

From June 1 to June 10, I'll be auctioning off items that I made or my friends donated. ALL the proceeds will go toward a charity that sends supplies to disaster survivors, including the millions of people dying from famine in Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Somalia.

According to Unicef USA, 1.4 million children are likely to die of starvation in the four-country famine crisis. Not 1.4 million people; 1.4 million children. 

Families are walking for days in search of food; some communities have lost all their toddlers.

We can do something! And in return for your generosity, you'll get to take home one of the items from my auction. *wink wink*

So please, check out the items, share if you feel so inspired, maybe let a friend know if you see anything he or she might want to bid on.

This is my first fundraiser so it's going to be small, but I hope that as my online presence and influence grows, I'll be able to raise large funds in the future. For now, every bit of your support helps.

​Thank you!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kismet Bookstore - My Own Virtual Bookstore!

I always wanted to own a bookstore, so I finally decided to host one online! Kismet Virtual Bookstore has 200+ of my favorite titles. Every book links to Amazon where you can find great prices and quick shipping.

You can check it out at

My New Blog! No Scrap Left Behind: A Year Without Wasting Food

As I mentioned before, I haven't been able to get the famine victims in Africa out of my head. Finally, I made the commitment never to waste food again. It just makes me ill to throw out food; honestly, it feels like a slap in the face to everyone going without.

Besides, I wouldn't mind a smaller grocery bill. I certainly wouldn't mind cooking less!

So, I decided to turn my new lifestyle habit into a blog, and after I've done it for a year, I plan on turning it into a book. If you'd like to read more about how to never waste food again, come visit me at

Monday, March 13, 2017

Why I'm Starting an Online Auction for Famine Victims

Yesterday while reading the Daily Skimm, I learned about the famine victims in Yemen, Somalia, and Nigeria. There are always famine victims somewhere in the world, but this particular one affected me deeply.

While doing research for my novel, Voodoo Queen, I read about a Haitian woman who would give her children salt water before bed so their hunger pains wouldn't keep them awake at night. That just hit me in the gut. I have two toddlers, and it physically hurts when their needs aren't being met. What it would be like to hear them crying for food and to have nothing to give them?

So as I read about millions of people dying of hunger in other countries, I imagined that all over again. That hurt to think about, but one line at the end of the article changed me:

"Some communities have lost all their toddlers."

I thought of my girls and started crying...not the good kind of crying where you let out your emotions and feel better afterwards. The kind of crying that aches so much, you just want to forget about it.

I wanted to help. Doesn't everyone? Usually I would have just donated money and let that be it, but the thing is, I had already planned a fundraiser to raise money for grad school. This left me with a choice; I could either go forward with my plans to do an online auction for my education, or I could use the same amount of planning and energy for famine victims. 

I really want that money for grad school. But I also couldn't live with myself if I had a chance to raise money for dying toddlers and I chose not to.

How You Can Help

On June 1st, the auction is going to go live on In the meantime, I'm going to collect crafts, treats, and new and barely-used items that can be easily shipped. If you have any talents to share (and don't be modest; I know you do) or items you want to give, send an email to teralynpilgrim (at) gmail (dot) com with:
  • a picture of the item
  • a one sentence description
  • an estimated value
  • and a shipping cost. 

When the auction closes, I will message you with the address to send the item to and money to ship it.

Some of the items I already have for the auction are:

  • painted wood block letters
  • a 3D-printed dinosaur skull
  • a family cookbook
  • glass goblets
  • a wooden plaque

I can't do this on my own, so thank you for your help!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The "Stranger Things" Clue Everyone Missed

For those of you who haven't heard of it, "Stranger Things" is a Netflix Original Series that will knock your socks off. It's sort of like the best X-Files episode of all time expanded into an eight-hour story line. I'm a very busy mother of two young kids, and I've watched it twice. That should tell you something.

*Here come the spoilers*

The first season left us with a lot of unanswered questions: Is Eleven alive? Who is Hopper working for? What was that egg? How did Will survive? Is there any conceivable way that poor Barb will make it out alive? (Give it up, guys. She's gone.)

The most interesting questions, I think, are about the Demogorgon and the Upside Down. Where did it come from? What else is in the Upside Down? Some people have hypothesized that the Demogorgon and Eleven are linked, like she accidentally created him or maybe he's a part of her that got separated and now is running amok.

I believe there's no connection between the Demogorgon and Eleven because there's proof the monster has been there for much longer. The show left us a really big clue that no one saw, and it was right under our noses:

The skeleton in the Upside Down.

The events of the show take place over the course of one week, and during that week, the Demogorgon takes six people. When you first watch this show you might think the skeleton belongs to one of the six, but Barb (let's take a moment of silence for poor Barb) was recognizably intact. This guy has been dead for much, much longer.

You might be thinking, "Okay, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Perhaps the slugs ate all the flesh. Perhaps things decompose faster in the Upside Down. Perhaps Barb was so intact because she isn't really dead and we're going to see her in season two." (Let it go! She's gone.)

Here's the thing, though. I believe the show told us exactly who this skeleton belonged to, and that it wasn't one of the six who disappeared over the course of the show.

Hopper dropped the bomb (possibly) in episode 2 when he was standing on his porch talking to Sandra. He said, "The last person to go missing here was in '23."

Does that skeleton look like someone who died in 1923? Yup. It does.

If someone got taken from the town in 1923, that means a Demogorgon has been around for almost a century.

That leaves us with an interesting question: what happened to all the slugs that came out of the corpse taken in 1923? This Demogorgon seems to be all by himself in the Upside Down, so if there's already been a round of slug-hatching, one must wonder why we don't see any others.

Notice that the Demogorgon only traveled in a small area of the town. Jonathan and Nancy point this out when they start hunting it. They also compare the monster to other predators in our dimension, and predators can be very territorial.

Perhaps the Demogorgon only prowled such a small area because that was his territory. He couldn't go outside of it because there are other Demogorgons all over the world with their own claimed patches of earth, waiting for portals to open so they can snatch up unsuspecting humans and lay their slug babies inside them.

Either the Demogorgon we see in the show snatched the person in 1923 and all his slug babies have moved on to their own territory, or that's the corpse he was born in when he was a slug baby. Maybe he ate his brothers and sisters.

Need more convincing? There is another clue that suggests the monster has visited the town before. Hawkins Lab is a mysterious building where Doctor Brenner experiments on Eleven (and possibly ten other kids). It might not be a coincidence that the building was placed in that particular town. We don't know all that was going on in that lab, only that at one point, they use Eleven to spy on the Russians.

Doctor Brenner doesn't seem surprised when Eleven finds the Demogorgon. In fact, he's pleased and is eager to communicate with it. It's possible that the building is there because that was the last known sighting of the Demogorgon, and finding the Upside Down was one of Hawkins Lab's many projects.

One thing is for sure; we're going to be seeing a lot of monsters in season two. In the foreshadow-heavy Dungeons and Dragons game at the end, the Thessalhydra appears. And as we all know, when you cut off one head from a hydra. many more appear.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Marketing Plan for a Book Launch

I can't wait to market my book. It sounds fun, like a game where each book sale is a point and you get money for each point. I've been working on my Marketing Plan for years in hopes that I will use it when I finally get published, and since I just shared it with a friend of mine, I thought I should send it to my virtual friends, too.

Most of this is catered to self-published authors simply because I don't know enough about publishing companies to offer advice on how they should help you. These are all things that any author can do. Keep in mind that I haven't actually done any of these things; I just hope to. Someday.
If you have any tips to share, or if you've tried any of these tips and would like to tell us how it went, leave a comment!

Free/Cheap Tips
Launch Party – When your book is available to purchase, you can host a party at a bookstore where people buy your book for the first time. You invite all your friends and family, put up posters in the community, and get the bookstore to promote it. It’s like doing a reading, except it’s a big deal because it’s the first one. You read from your book, discuss your inspiration for writing it, sign copies, maybe make cupcakes.
 Facebook Launch Party – I’ve been to several of these and they’re a lot of fun. You invite everyone to come to a Facebook page at a set time and for two to four hours, you post stuff, like fun facts about your book or your time period. You also host giveaways. Every twenty minutes or so, you introduce an author who agreed to participate, then the author says hello and asks the participants a question. One of the people who answers the question gets the book (you announce winners the next day). You can also offer swag as a prize, like a poster or a mug with your book cover on it, or a gift that’s relevant to your book.
 Giveaways – Goodreads, LibraryThing, and Booklikes give away free copies of books, and people read through the books and enter for the ones they like. You might get a hundred people to enter the drawing, so it’s a great way to promote the book to the 99 who don’t get a free copy.
 Join Historical Novel Society – If you write historical fiction like me, being a member of this society will help you get to know other historical novelists, and you can get them to review your book on their website. (I don’t know how, but you can ask.) It’s $50 a year. Also, you can get on their Facebook page for free and network there.
 Newsletter – With an email newsletter, you send people information about when your book is coming out, when you’re doing readings, etc. I think there’s a way to get people to sign up for newsletters on your blog (are they called apps on blogs?), but you can also do it manually. MailChimp is a great program for mass emails.
 Author pages – You can have your own professional profiles on Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, LibraryThing, and Booklikes. People go there to read about you and see what other books you’ve written and where to buy them.
 Book clubs – You can get a group of people together and have your own book group to read and talk about your novel, and you can encourage your friends to host book clubs. Perhaps everyone who buys the book for a group could get a discount. A lot of authors also do Skype or phone calls to book clubs so people can interview the author at their meeting. You can also host virtual book clubs via Facebook or Goodreads.
 Use book cover as your profile picture and cover photo on Facebook. That way, everyone who interacts with you online will know you have a book to buy.
 Offer signed books online - A friend of mine did this and I thought it was brilliant; for only one month, people could buy her book from a certain bookstore and get it signed and personalized. How often do we find books we like but then wait years to buy them? Signed copies make people whip out their checkbook and get the book right away.
 Blog Tour – Get your friends to interview you and/or review your book on their blogs. If you don’t know many bloggers, you can hire someone to host a blog tour (see below).
 Book Signings and Readings – You’d be surprised how many opportunities there are to promote your book at fairs, library events, book stores, art events, writer’s groups, etc. Keep your eyes open and read your book publically everywhere you can. Then record it and post about it on Facebook.
Reviews - Reviews are extremely important to people buying books online, so encourage your friends to review them on as many sites as they can: Amazon, Goodreads, Powell’s, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, etc. Be sure to thank them afterwards.

 Ads on Goodreads, LibraryThing, Booklikes, and Facebook
 Blog Tours – For a fee, certain companies will set up blog tours where you get reviewed or interviewed by popular blogs. They also post about you on their website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I HIGHLY recommend spending some money on Amy Bruno’s site.
Historical Fiction Virtual Tours (Amy Bruno)
                                Blog Tours: $95-$495
                                Book Blast: $74-$140
                                Facebook Launch Party: $150-$800 (like what I mentioned earlier, only she does all the work, including finding people for the giveaways.)
                Pump Up Your Book Promotion (Cheryl Malandrinos) $49-$1,049
 Conferences – These can be ridiculously expensive, but I highly recommend them. You make so many friends who will help you promote your book, not to mention you learn so much and they’re loads of fun. You can also sell signed copies of your book and buy ads for the conference program.
 Book Trailer – I have no idea how to go about making one of these.
 Swag – You can get bookmarks, t-shirts, mugs, posters, bags, etc. with your book cover on them. At the very least, it’s good to carry bookmarks with you everywhere you go so when you tell people about your book, you can give them one so they remember it.

Book Tour - You can go to book stores in other towns for readings and signings, too. This gets expensive because you have to pay travel expenses. Still sounds like fun, though.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Two Chapters of Voodoo Queen

Some new members in my writers group wanted to read the first few chapters of my book, and I thought it would be easiest to post them here for anyone else who wants to look at them. I think I posted some of this earlier back when it was in third person (it's all in first person now).

Enjoy. (I hope.)


People ask me how I got to where I am now. Americans wonder why a kind-hearted woman such as myself turned evil. French folk want to know why an intelligent woman resorted to ignorant superstition. People of color ask how I grew into such power that friends came to me in droves and enemies trembled at the very mention of me.
It’s been a long road. If I had to put my finger on one event that started it all, I’d pick the day the slaves from the Andry sugar plantation were executed.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Letters with Book Illustrations, Custom Designed with the Picture Book of Your Choice

Well, I've finally started my own Etsy shop. It's kind of "the thing" for stay-at-home moms. I wasn't planning on following this trend, but then I decorated a letter to hang in my daughter's nursery. I thought, "That was fun," and "I could sell these." Thus the Etsy shop was born.

I decorate 7" wooden block letters, mostly for kids and babies. They're custom designed and I try to make every idea a reality, but I specialize in children's books illustrations. You pick out the letters and the picture book you want (it can be any book in the world, as long as they sell it on Amazon), and I design them for $15 a letter.

So far I've made CHASE with Green Eggs and Ham, ELLA with There's a Woket in My Pocket, MAXWELL with The Story of Barbar, and I just got an order for LIAM with pictures of sports balls.

Right now I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY for THREE FREE LETTERS to one person who posts about my store on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. If you feel like spreading the word for me, I'd be eternally grateful! Just post this link:

Interested? Visit my shop to order some for yourself. They also make great gifts!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Money Does Not Define Me

I always wanted to open a bookstore someday. We're going to wait until our family is more financially stable and I don't have babies in the house anymore, so it's a long ways down the road. Someday, though.

A friend of mine cautioned me against opening a bookstore. He said it was a "bad idea." I'm not going to lie, I was pretty irritated. It wasn't because the statement was an attack on my faith in the enduring power of paper books and the stores that sell them. It wasn't because it was an insult to my intelligence. After all, I am smart enough to know bookstores aren't goldmines.

I was mad because he thought bad ideas aren't worth pursuing.

I should take a step back here, since not everyone agrees on what makes an idea "bad." He meant it wouldn't make any money. As a stay-at-home-mom and an aspiring novelist, I don't make any money. Does that make me a "bad idea"?

Everything I've ever done that mattered had no financial value. College. My baby. Volunteering at church. Painting. Dancing. Knitting. Roller derby. My writers' group and our events. All my failed manuscripts that took me many years and many tears to write.

One the other side of the coin, all my working experience was a dismal and utter waste of time. I never had a job that was meaningful. Most of my employment history is me sitting at a desk pretending to be busy. Rotting from the inside out.

My husband keeps encouraging me to use my talents and intellect on money-making endeavors. He's an entrepreneur, so I can't blame him. I keep telling him nothing that makes money interests me. I want to be a lactation consultant, a writer, a bookstore owner... nothing financially smart.

You know what? I'm happy. I'm not just okay with my life, I love my life.

Sure, I hope VOODOO QUEEN will rock the bestsellers lists and make me millions, but if everyone read it an no one paid for it, I'd still be happy. Okay, I'd actually be irate that no one was paying for my book, but I'd keep writing. The point is, you have to live your life the way you are meant to live it, not the way people say you should live it.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Record Your Story, Part IV: Journal Prompts About Your Past

As I mentioned yesterday, no journal workshop would be complete without a list of prompts. They're a fun way to get your creative juices flowing and maybe think outside of the box.

In my mind, there are two kinds of journal topics: ones that focus on your present, and ones that focus on your past. I believe most writers follow one focus or the other in their journals. I encourage you to do both, but for those of you who like to write about your life thus far, here are some prompts to help.


How you met your spouse/how your parents met/how your spouse’ parents met/how your grandparents met
How your spouse proposed/how your father proposed/how your father-in-law proposed/how your grandpa proposed
Your earliest memory
Five good childhood memories
Your most embarrassing moment
Your birth stories (if you have kids)
How you converted to the gospel
Your most embarrassing moment
The story behind your name, your children’s names, and your spouse’s name
A good memory associated with each season (Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter).
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Describe one moment where you needed courage to do the right thing.
What is the farthest you’ve ever traveled?
What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to deal with?
Describe the places you’ve lived.
If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
Describe one amazing experience you had.
Describe one spiritual experience you had.
Describe your first kiss.
What did you do on your first date with your spouse?
What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
Describe some of the jobs you’ve had and whether or not you like them.
Describe what you did for each holiday this past year.
What were you like as a child? In high school? How are you different now?
What are some nicknames for yourself and your family members? How did they get them?
Describe one memory that makes you laugh.
What’s one story you love to tell people?
When you’re with your family (or your friends), what stories do they tell over and over?
What’s something you did that your family and friends tease you about?
What was it like for your mom when she gave birth to you?
What’s one memory your parents have of you as a baby?
Describe some of your family heirlooms, or some items you think will become heirlooms.
Write a summary of your life.
Write a summary of your parents’ lives.
Write about a time that you made a deliberate change for yourself. Write about what motivated you to make that change and how you think that change has affected your life.
Write about some of your scars and how you got them.
Have you ever been in a hospital? Had surgery? Broken a bone?
Describe one time when you were really frightened.
Describe where you were when 9-11 happened.
Describe some memories of your birthday.
Write a good memory you have with each of your parents.
Explain why you decided to date your spouse and why you decided to marry him.
Describe a major storm you and your family survived.
What was your favorite book as a child, or the first book you remember reading?
List some of the toys you remember having as a child.

List the friends you remember having at various stages of your life.
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