Saturday, January 1, 2011

Second Rejection of a Partial

Remember the first agent who asked for a partial? She said no. 

This rejection doesn't hurt as much as the last one. For me, the first of everything is always the worst. When I first posted my query letter online for review and everyone told me how awful it was, I was pretty shocked and heart broken. I went on to write five drafts and the criticism didn't hurt much. The first rejection of a query stung even thought I knew many of them would come, but I was pretty chill about the others.

All the same, I got a little overly attached to this agent. She was the first person to ask to see my work, and it would have been so cool if my agent was the first person who ever read my book. Can you imagine? That would be a one-in-a-million phenomenon. Getting published alone feels like one-in-a-million, and you can't be an author without having absurdly wonderful dreams.

Here's what she said:

Thank you for your sample chapters.  Unfortunately, I did not connect enough with them to want to see more.

I wish you the best of luck in finding the right representation.

When I first read her email, I thought, "Didn't connect? What on earth is that supposed to mean?" Then I reminded myself that it's nothing personal. She might have really liked my book. Maybe she would have bought it at a bookstore. An agent has to adore a book enough to read it a dozen times, to critique it and work with me on improving it, and then to put forth the effort to sell it to picky editors. When she says she didn't "connect enough" with it, she might as well have said, "This book doesn't resonate in the core of my very being." That's fair.
Teralyn Rose Pilgrim Teralyn Pilgrim
Currently, no one is reading a partial and I'm still waiting to hear from about 70 agents. I'm hoping things will pick up now that the holidays are over.

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