Friday, November 19, 2010

Edward, Jacob, and Gender Equality

I’ve finally submitted to reading the Twilight books. I don’t go in for fads much, but a friend of mine gave me a copy (I never say no to free books). I eventually read it.
I actually enjoyed the first book. Sure, the writing’s bad, but I’ve read much worse books that were written for much more mature audiences. I’m not going to name names *cough, Time Traveler’s Wife, ahem*. Her work wasn’t extraordinarily bad by any means. Sure, it’s a sappy romance, but that’s because the genre’s melodramatic, not because the author is. My guess: most writers are just catty.
I just finished the second book, and I have a criticism that I have yet to hear from anyone:
Edward is kind of a douche.
He’s so bossy, for one thing. He always tells Bella what to do, and I don’t think he respects her. In the first book, he even drags her by her jacket and shoves her into his car. (I promise, it’s on page 103.) Um, police? I know it was supposed to be funny, but if a man did that to me, I would break his window. Ask anyone who knows me, I totally would.

That's what I'm talking about!
Now Jacob, he’s pretty cool. Bella says, “I want to go cliff diving,” he says, “I’ll take you.” She says, “I want a motorcycle,” he says, “When can we ride?” When Bella rides, Jacob’s right there with her, while Edward’s in the back ground saying, “Go home to Charlie. When you get there, go to the kitchen where you belong. Then make me a sandwich.” Page 186.

By the way, when I did my teaching mini-internship, I met an 18-year-old Native American boy with long hair and everything whose name was Jacob. When he introduced himself to me, I said, "Seriously? Your name is Jacob?" He scowled at me and said, "I'm named after the Biblical Jacob."


  1. I always thought that you'd be an Edward kind of a girl, personally, but I understand your reasons. For me, the problem does not lie with Edward but with Bella. I intensely dislike her as a main character. I don't think I've ever disliked a main character more than her. I think it's probably because I have a difficult time sympathizing with her and how she handles things.

    I think Whitney was Team Jacob - you two should discuss this with one another.

    P.S. One of the more disturbing things in my recent past was at the premiere of the New Moon movie. There was a group of older women who starting cat-calling when Jacob took his shirt off. Yikes!

  2. Jeez, his shirt's off the entire movie. They must have cat-called the entire time.

    I have worse, though: When I saw the third "Pirates of the Carribean" movie, we were sitting next to two Jack Sparrow fanatics. When he came on screen, they quoted lines from the previous movies, and then everything he said, they repeated several times. Example: He shoots a guy for a peanut and says, "My peanut." They said, "My peanut! Ha! My peanut! Hahaha! So, you have heard of me. Stop blowing holes in my ship! Haha!"

  3. That reminds me, I was thinking about writing a post on Twilight and statutory lust and marital infidelity. It's kind of gross when married women hoot and holler at 16 year old boys right in front of their husbands.

  4. JACOB....did I shout that in print....YES I DID! Here's the thin about older women cat-calling at a handsome lad. You WILL discover as you journey through your 40's and 50's and beyond that inside yourself you still feel 21....maybe not physically, my knees currently feel around 121, but mentally. I literally jump sometimes when I catch a glimpse of my 54 year old self in the mirror!

    As far as appreciating the beauty of young Jacob, haven't you heard that you can look at a menu, without sampling the food? lol I can freely admit that I think that the young man who performs Jacob is really handsome. On the other hand, I could be his Mother! That is a sad reality check for any feelings of attraction that I have for him!

    NO I don't agree with women (young or older) lusting over either Edward or Jacob verbally. THEY ARE ACTORS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! In addition, can you imagine the women's reactions if their husbands starting going mad for Bella? I know that I would smack my wouldn't common courtesy in return be a good idea?

    WOW...did I just write that many words about Twilight? lol

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm at work and I'm trying to hold my laughter so much that I'm crying.

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  7. I'm under a year late reading this one, but this is flat out HILARIOUS!!! It's nice to know that someone understands WHY I'm Team Jacob!


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