Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Naked Dance

I wonder how many hits this post is going to get solely because of the scandalous nature of the title.

The other day, I had a naked dream. Why is naked the embarrassment of choice in dreams? There's a treasure trove of other embarrassing things a person can do, but there's only one everyone seems to be concerned about.

Well, I was in public and I was mortified, and then I stopped and thought about my situation. "Every single time I'm naked in public, it turns out I'm dreaming," I realized. "From now on, whenever I'm naked I should just assume it's a dream."

So I started dancing, because when one is naked in public and decides not to care, this is the natural thing to do.

Then I had another logical thought (and this is my favorite part). "What if the one time I'm naked in public when I'm not dreaming, I think I'm dreaming and start dancing when I should be looking for clothes?" This sadly put an end to my dancing days.

When my husband and I first got married, we had a lot of weird dreams. I think it was because we were still getting used to sleeping with another person, so we didn't sleep as soundly. Once Andrew snuggled up against me in the middle of the night and whimpered. "I'm so scared," he said.

I tried not to laugh as I rubbed his back. "It's okay, I'm here," I said. He woke up to the back rub and couldn't imagine why I was consoling him. After I said "I'm here," he pulled away and said, "So?" and rolled over.

Probably my favorite, though, was when I dreamt Andrew was having a seizure. I freaked out. I remembered that you're supposed to hold down someone having a seizure so they don't hurt themselves. Poor Andrew was minding his own business and sleeping soundly when all of a sudden I pounced on him, pinned him down, and shouted, "Are you okay?! Wake up! Wake up!"

Dreams are fun.


  1. These are absolutely amusing stories. And I agree, dancing would be the thing to do in that situation if you didn't have to worry about inhibition.

  2. I'll admit it- The title sparked my curiosity! I was laughing so hard, it was really hard to not make a sound so I didn't wake up Lexi (who is sleeping in my arms) Thanks for a good laugh, I really needed it!!


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