Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Burritos and Burnt Honey Horns

I'll never forget my first Thanksgiving with my husband. His whole family was over and they cooked pretty much the whole meal. I wanted to contribute at least one thing, so I offered to make my mom's famous honey horns.

There was of course some in-law kitchen tension because I wanted to impress everyone. What is it about cooking in front of in-laws that makes new brides so nervous?

I burnt the honey horns. I'm not talking about a little burnt, either, I'm talking about smoke alarm going off, open-windows-and-doors kind of burnt. I had only on thing to do, and it was a disaster.

I wanted to throw them away before anyone saw them and forget it ever happened. My mother-in-law is a very sweet person, so when she saw how mortified I was, she leaped into the kitchen, stuffed a honey horn in her mouth, and said, "This is good!" I tried to throw them away and push her aside at the same time while she fought to reach over my shoulder to take more, saying, "These are so good, I can't stop eating them!"

Another year we went to spend Thanksgiving with Andrew's aunt, but when we arrived, no one was there. We called his mom and found out his granddad had to go to the emergency room. He was fine (he was only dehydrated, so they just gave him an IV), but Thanksgiving had to be put on hold.

We were an hour away from our apartment and we were hungry, but the only place open was a Mexican restaurant. I'll always remember that as the year we had burritos for Thanksgiving.

I have to add a disclaimer that we did have a real Thanksgiving the next day. Andrew is horrified whenever I even suggest that we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving properly, so I had to clarify. His whole family takes the holiday very seriously. I always thought that was a little weird, until I connected it with his last name.

To my fellow American readers, I wish you all a pleasant and memorable Thanksgiving. To my non-American readers, I hope you have a good day all the same. Happy Turkey Day!


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