Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Seinfeld Moment

Before a creative writing class, I was talking to some friends about where they bought their books. Most of them bought them used on Amazon.

A student in the back shuddered. “I could never buy a used book. You never know if someone read it in the bathroom.” 
This guy was obsessive compulsive, and I don’t mean in a funny way. I mean in a need-to-see-a-doctor way. Once in class a few students said they had colds, and he covered his mouth and dragged his desk out of the room so he could listen to the lecture from the hallway. I wasn’t surprised he couldn’t read a book that had been in a bathroom. 

Seinfeld moment:
[sahyn-feld moh-muh nt] –noun
1. A situation in which the stars
perfectly align to create the most
ridiculous scenario possible.
That very same day, the teacher asked us to use our books for an assignment. I finished early and noticed he didn’t have his book, so I let him use mine.

As soon as I handed it to him, I wanted to grab it back. I had used a piece of toilet paper as a bookmark after reading it in the bathroom.

I hid my face in embarrassment and prayed he wouldn’t see the toilet paper and throw the book across the room. Luckily, he didn’t notice it and he thanked me after class for letting him use the book. 


  1. Fantastic. When you get around to writing your Pilgrimfeld script, you have to include that.

  2. LOL hahaha, I'm glad he didn't notice. :D

  3. lol. That would be embarrassing, yet I would've loved to see what he would have done if he knew.


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