Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time Isn't the Problem

 Everyone complains about not having enough time. I used to do it too, until I realized I wasted large portions of my day. I vowed to utilize my time wisely from thence forth. This didn’t solve my problems.

When I tried to motivate myself to do something useful with my time, I discovered my problem had nothing to do with the hours of the day. It had everything to do with my energy. When I get home from my full-time job, all I want to do is sit and not think for the rest of the day.

Getting enough sleep helped, but I found the biggest cause of my energy problem was habit. My body was used to exerting a certain amount of mental and physical effort for X hours in the day, and bodies kick and scream if you try to get them to do something they aren't used to.

I found I had another problem we usually blame on time: focus.

If I had the time and the energy, there are a million things I would to do. I once told myself, “I’m going to write one hour a day. It’s important to me and I’m going to make it a priority.” Then I decided to clean half an hour a day. I thought, "That'll be easy. It's only half an hour." Then I decided to exercise 15 minutes a day, and to try and cook dinner at least every other day, and read my scriptures 10 minutes every night, and start a blog, and…. What was my original goal again?

It’s not too hard to find the time to write everyday. It’s possible to find the energy. How do you find the focus?

I couldn't find anything else for "focus"

I struggled with this for years, which is the biggest reason Sacred Fire took me so long to write. I broke free of my cycle when I participated in NaNoWriMo. Now, I feel pretty focused, though I still struggle with energy.

Everyone has their own battles, their own motivations, and their own solutions. We are not victims to the 24-hours-in-a-day tragedy. We can do anything with the right focus and energy.


  1. As silly as this sounds, during NaNo this year I found it easier to write more during the week, after getting home from a full day's work, than on the weekends. I guess the weekends where when I felt i could procrastinate a lot more easily ;)

  2. That's exactly what happened to me. It goes back to what I said about focus; on weekdays, I'm in "work mode," while on the weekends, I'm in "relax mode."


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