Friday, December 31, 2010

The Wedding Was Her Last Wish

A writer feeds off of inspiration. Every writer should explore, be adventurous, learn, and eventually come to the same conclusion: the world is an incredible place.

Katie Kirkpatrick was engaged to Nick, her high school sweetheart, when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She had to spend hours a day receiving medication, she experienced organ failures, and she lost a frightening amount of weight, but she and her fiance decided to get married all the same. They had a lovely ceremony and she looked beautiful.

Katie died five days after the wedding. 

This story means different things to different people. This is what it means to me.

We often have the opportunity to do something wonderful but we turn it down because it seems pointless. To some, it would seem futile to have a huge, expensive ceremony for a marriage that would only last a few days. To some, it would seem futile for writers to put so much work into books when the odds of getting published are so slim. But no one would look at these pictures and say that what Kate and her husband did was pointless. It was worth it.

What fantastic dream do you have that just might be worth it?


  1. I thought about borrowing the french-kissing a frenchman and being in french? prison idea but it just didnt' feel original... :)

    Learn/speak 7 languages. Stop biting my nails and picking at acne. Somehow convince Drama to stop following me around everywhere I go (it's quite draining).

  2. You should totally learn seven languages, but don't you dare french kiss a French man in France. That's my goal.

    I'm surprised you remembered that!


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