Friday, January 7, 2011

Mysterious Mass Bird Deaths

A writer feeds off of inspiration. Every writer should explore, be adventurous, learn, and eventually come to the same conclusion: the world is an incredible place.
Here’s a crazy factoid that got my imagination running: have you heard about the birds that are mysteriously falling dead out of the sky?

It started in Arkansas on New Year’s Eve. Around 5,000 blackbirds simultaneously dropped out of the sky within a 1-mile radius. There are dozens of theories, including lightning, hail, stress from fireworks, poison, disease, and so forth.

Scientists performed autopsies and found that the birds died from “internal injuries” and “blunt trauma to the organs” that caused fatal blood clots. That rules out disease and poison, but they still don’t know what happened. All they know is that the birds died in midair and the internal injuries happened before they hit the ground.

Mass bird deaths isn’t uncommon. It’s happened many times before, though the amount of dead birds is unusual. Where it gets weird is when 83,000 fish died from unknown causes in the same town. Scientists say the deaths are unrelated.

The plot thickened further when on Tuesday, 500 blackbirds suddenly died in Louisiana, also from unknown causes.

Then somewhere between 50 and 100 birds died in Sweden on Wednesday.

Then several hundred birds died in Kentucky and Chile, and more fish have mysteriously died in Brazil and Maryland.

Theories abound, and the most popular theory is that it’s some kind of precursor to the apocalypse. This is popular because of the event’s proximity to the Mayan’s prediction of the end of the world, which is supposed to happen in December 21, 2012.

This claim is ridiculous for two reasons: one, the apocalypse isn’t supposed to happen for another two years, so this is like awfully advanced notice. Two, I’d hope that the world would go out with more of a bang. I doubt God would end the world one bird at a time.

I also don’t buy into the government conspiracy theory because it’s happening all over the world, so multiple governments would have to be involved in the project. Also, considering our country’s deficit, I would hope the government has better things to spend their money on than birds.

It’s more likely that this is being caused by aliens, mad experiments, pollution, genetic mutations, or mysterious creatures that scare these birds into behaving irrationally. We can’t ignore the possibility of werewolves in this case, though I’m sure they’re keeping a low profile considering the amount of attention they’ve received lately in teen literature.

I also doubt it’s being caused by running into an invisible spaceship, as many have speculated, because after a few birds ran into the ship, the others would have steered their course.

My vote is on science experiments.   Teralyn Rose Pilgrim Teralyn Pilgrim



  1. I was so excited when I saw your post on this, because it's on my facebook page with my own ideas. I was also so disappointed when you said the government most likely had nothing to do with it, because that was my accusation. ((I don't normally bash the government, I just try to be funny. Note: Try.))
    Now that you mention it, I'm definitely leaning towards the alien/mad experiment myself.


  2. A friend of mine mentioned Magnetic Polar Reversal, and I can't believe I didn't think of that. *face palm*

  3. Wow Teralyn, I was inspired by this too -- I rewrote the first chapter of my novel and changed the first sentence: "For the fifth day in a row, the sky opened up and poured down robins and sparrows." My (fictional) explanation was one you mentioned above--a failed bioengineering experiment.


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