Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fine, I'll Get Beta Readers

Wrong kind of beta
After the dismal failure of my first query letter, I’ve learned to be more patient about sending out my work. I experienced some Useful Doubt and started to wonder if my book is as perfect as I think it, just like I thought my query was perfect.

Maybe I’m not actually all that and a bag of potato chips.

I decided I need more people to read the book in its entirety and get more opinions (which I should have done in the first place, since I’ve found every writer worth her salt has beta readers). So far, I’ve found someone from Absolute Write Water Cooler, FictionPress, and Shallee's blog.

Im a firm believer in having people read the whole book, from beginning to end. The flow of a book is important, everything needs to fit together, and certain things need to be resolved by the end. Editing it chapter by chapter simply wont give you the critique you need.


  1. I agree that the whole thing needs to be read, but for me personally reading, I tend to get through one chapter at a time more easily than an entire manuscript. Seems weird, since surely I could just take it one chapter at a time with the entire ms. But for some reason that huge document puts me off. :P

    Guess I'm not the ideal beta ;)

  2. It's tought to get someone to read a whole book. I've had many people look at the first few chapters, but so far, only two people I know have finished it. A good beta is hard to find because you both have to match in interests, work-ethic, taste, and time. I'm glad I've found people who are willing to stick it out with me!

  3. I will be the third! I bought a Kindle and I uploaded your book to it. I'm not good about reading on a computer and I'm in my busy time at work. I will be going on vacation and my Kindle is packed full of books for the trip. I will finish yours first! BTW it looks really good on a Kindle.


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