Friday, February 11, 2011

Hyperbole and a Half, aka the best thing that ever happened to me

A writer feeds off of inspiration. Every writer should explore, be adventurous, learn, and eventually come to the same conclusion: the world is an incredible place.

I've just discovered one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It's a blog, and it's perhaps the most ingenious work of humor the blogging world has ever seen. It's called "Hyperbole and a Half," and it's random stories (complete with drawings) about her crazy life. 

Think of a female version of "Calvin and Hobbes" hopped up on exorbitant amounts of sugar.

This chick has over 49,000 Google followers and her twitter account has over 60,000 followers. Why so many? Because she's brilliant.

"The God of Cake" make my husband laugh so hard, his throat and chest hurt afterwards.

Click here to witness her genius in all its glory.

You should also buy stuff to support her so she never stops being awesome.


  1. I LOVE Hyperbole and a Half! One of the funniest things on the internet today.

  2. I know! I wish she published stuff more often. Did you read the one about her retarded dog?

  3. Oh, PLEASE tell me I had a hand in introducing you to the genius that is Hyperbole and a Half! Isn't she seriously one of the most hilarious bloggers you've ever read?

  4. It's true, Karen, you were the god-send that introduced me to it.

  5. I have to laugh whenever I visit that blog!

  6. I know what it is but I haven't visited it in a while. It makes me laugh every time I do though.

  7. Thank you for introducing me to this funny blog. I read the god of cake, and understood why Andrew found it so funny...tonight I read her blog about moving from montana to oregon with the dogs...I giggled like a little girl.

    Hope life is going well in M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I

    When are you gonna come visit us in Utah?


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