Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Broken Heart

Dawn Embers is hosting what is probably my favorite blog fest so far. Anyone who wants to join has to write something about a heart breaking.

This is a poem I wrote in college when a man broke up with me whom I was still very much in love with. I've never thought of myself as a brilliant poet (though I love poems and write them anyway), but I'm pretty happy with this one.

The Tastes of Love Lost

Love lost tastes in every way
Sour with the resentment left by his scathing indifference
Spicy with the heat left by his caring movement
Bitter with the confliction left by his mixed meanings
Sweet with the memories left by his incredible soul

Love lost lingers as an aftertaste
That sticks to the mouth, its roof, its slippery teeth
Like spewed slime
That can’t be wiped clean
But sticks from one side to another and the other
Until you swallow, choke, and again it’s retched
Because it weighs inside like a brick
And you can’t stomach it

Love lost lacks savor
Like debris rubbed into the mouth
Like a street burn
Caused by repeatedly licking the pavement
Trying to find the last bits of taste
Running your tongue along again and running the past over
Before an appetite that overwhelmingly hungers

The gravel breaks the scabs and opens old wounds
But it’s tasted again
Because once the road was smooth
It returned a sweetness
That responded to each caress with its own
Tasting sweetness also
Sucking breath like it needed it to live
Before it died, turned to cold stone,
And became tasteless


  1. Very powerful and sad poem - I'm sure a lot of us can relate to it!

    I've written such stuff before too, and when I look back I feel bad that the idiots who inspired it meant so much to me. And yet I still remember how I felt, so I forgive myself. lol

  2. Wow. Very moving poem. Gripping.

  3. Your metaphor mixed with vivid description makes this such an intense poem. I definitely felt the heartbreak.

  4. I loved this poem, and I think you do poetry very well. Look at those lines about licking the pavement, powerful.

  5. I enjoyed imagining the different tastes while reading!


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