Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Facing Fears in the Ape Caves

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Treking through the snow

Per the request of one of my readers, I went caving when I went to Portland last week, even though caves terrify me. I didn’t squeeze through any tight spaces, though.

Getting to the caves was… an adventure. It was snowing in the mountains and my sister’s car didn’t have a heater. We were only wearing jeans and light sweaters because Aubrey insisted that even though it was cold out, the caves were the same temperature year round and we would work up a sweat climbing over the rocks.

The snow was so bad that they closed the parking lot, so the nearest we could park was a mile away. We decided to go anyway, even though we had to trek through a mile of snow without coats. We walked really fas.

There were two exchange students with us, one from Japan and another from Korea. I think they wanted to go home, but they didn’t know enough English to argue, so they followed along.

When we finally reached the parking lot for the caves, wet and shivering, we saw a sign that said, “Welcome to the Ape Caves! Entrance to the caves: 1 1/3 mile.”
So we had to trek another mile through the snow.

The frosted pine trees and snow-capped mountains were beautiful, so I’m actually glad we had to walk.

The cave was basically one long, wide tunnel that was pitch black and was full of large scattered rocks we had to climb over. The only light came from our flashlights. The rocks were rather treacherous, and a few times my brother had to help us down from ledges. He’s a ballet dancer, so we took turns jumping into his arms and he tossed us aside like we were nothing.

It was pretty cool, hiking through the belly of the earth. I’d definitely do it again.

By the time we climbed out and walked the mile and a half back to the car, we were exhausted and slept the whole way home.


  1. Good post. I was hoping for a Planet of the Apes-style twist ending though.

  2. I could make one up:

    While we were in the caves, we found a secret civilization of lizard-like humanoids who escaped the Ice Age during the time of the dinosaurs and burrowed into the earth where they were heated by the earth's core. They were very nice and invited us in for tea. They built their own Statue of Liberty, but they were maniacs and blew it up.

  3. I can't believe I still haven't been to the caves! I feel unedgeamacated.

  4. That is exactly what you are, you... undedgmated... uh.. person.

  5. I love that place! this sounds like a typical Packham adventure. haha. nice!


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