Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Did You Pick Your Age Group?

As I make more writer friends on the internet, I've noticed most to them write Young Adult fiction. This surprised me. I always figured that since we are adults, it would be easier to write for adults, but it looks like that's not the case.

I'm not one of those snobs who stick their noses up at non-adult fiction. I think the younger the audience is, the more impressionable readers are and the easier it is to influence them. Authors who write for children make a bigger difference in this world than any other author. Really, I'm just trying to find a pattern to see why certain genres appeal to certain people.

Personally, I write mainstream fiction for adults because that's what I read. I always say you write what you read in the same way you are what you eat. Even though my settings are always different -- Sacred Fire takes place in ancient Rome and Hunger takes place in Portland, Oregon -- the style and audience are always the same.

What age group/genre do you write for, and what made you decide on that group?


  1. I write Young Adult and "New Adult", which is apparently what you're called once you're out of high school.

    I love young adult novels, but sometimes I think authors project adult emotions and actions onto teenagers that aren't entirely realistic. Unfortunately, there seems to be a gap between high school and adulthood that fell off the radar... and that's what I want to write about!

  2. I write Contemporary YA. It is what suits my voice and writing style.

  3. New Adult? Interesting... I think I might like that. Trisha, that's probably the best reason to write anything!

  4. I've written for both adults and young adults, but it didn't take long to realize it was the young adult stories I was drawn to. I realized it when I was trying to cram a YA story into an adult world-- it just didn't work. The moment I re-envisioned it as YA, the story was more authentic.

  5. I write for YA because I'm a YA. Though one of my MCs is like 22.

    Maybe people feel better writing YA because the teenage years are years that everyone remembers. There are lots of strong feelings in aforementioned years.


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