Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Make Blogging Easy

I don’t know if this is common knowledge or not, but I’ve learned a few tricks to make blogging super easy. It’s so easy, in fact, that I went on vacation for a week, didn't touch a computer the whole time, and none of you knew about it. Neither did my Facebook friends, my Twitter followers, my email followers, or my LinkedIn network.
Here are my secrets:
Automate everything. For those of you who don’t know, you can set it up so every time you post something on blogger, it automatically posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all your registered email followers.
Twitter: Set up an account at This site is great and provides you with all kinds of helps and goodies. Click on Publicize > Socialize > Add a Twitter account.
Emails: On, click on Publicize > Email Subscription. Highlight the HTML code. Go to Design on your blog, Add Gadget > HTML and paste the code. Your guests can click on it (my link is to the left), enter their email address, confirm their address, and every post is sent directly to their email.
Facebook: Go to, set up an account, and click Add Your Blog. Click on Syndication and it will link them up.
Linkedin: Set up a profile. In the top menu bar, click on More > Get More Applications and you’ll see a Blog Link button. I have mine attached to my Twitter Feed.
Write All Your Articles In Advance
Never sit in front of the computer in the morning and think, “What should I talk about today?” You might not think of anything. It's lame when people write, "I'm not in the mood to blog today."

I have bursts of inspiration where I come up with several ideas at a time. When I feel inspired, I write as many articles as I possibly can and save them. I got a little carried away with this and now I have enough articles to last me over a month. It’s nice that I can disappear off the face of the earth for a month and no one online would know.
Schedule Your Posts
There’s a feature in Blogger that lets you schedule your posts to publish on their own. I can post at the same time everyday so I never feel pressured to get to a computer in the morning. When you write a new post, click on Post Options>Schedule, and set your date and time.
See? Easy!

If this was helpful to you, spread it around. Maybe it will help others too.


  1. This is AWESOME! I've been trying to build up a reservoir of posts anyway and this will make it so much easier!


  2. This is great advice! Thanks for the automation links-- I've been trying to find a better way to streamline that!

  3. Great advice. I've got to start planning my posts and writing them in advance. That's the thing that slows me down.

  4. Cool tip with the thingy! Thanks :)

  5. See, here's how twisted I am. You give this great advice, and I think: wow, this could be kinda cool in some detective story ... maybe someone doesn't seem like they've disappeared, or it throws off the investigation because everyone *knows* she was blogging so she couldn't have been kidnapped by then ... until in the midst of the investigation, she suddenly blogs again because it was automated.


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