Friday, March 11, 2011

Making Bucket Lists

Here’s another blogfest challenge I was going to do anyway, only I was going to tie in a fancy moral (as I usually do), so here goes:

I used to love movies and books where a person has one dream to fulfill and that person will do whatever it takes to make that dream a reality. My dream is to be a best-selling novelist. At one point in my life when my writing wasn't going so well, I remember feeling unbearably empty. I had only one goal, and I hadn’t accomplished that goal, so who was I?

I used to think it was stupid when people were afraid to accomplish their goal because they wouldn’t know what to do next. Now I understand completely. If you define your life by The One Thing I Will Do, your life won't start until you accomplish it, and then once you do, your life is over.  

What I like about Bucket Lists is that they’re a series of goals. Some are small, some are big, all of them are meaningful, and the progress is continuous. I start knocking things off the list now and continue doing it forever. Also, having a multi-dimensional list of things to makes me a multi-dimensional person.

What's on your bucket list? If you're not participating in the blogfest, you can write your list in the comments and I'll love reading it.

Here’s my Bucket List:

2.      Have at least four kids
3.      Learn how to make bread from scratch
4.      Read 1,000 books
5.      Learn a martial art (I'm thinking Tai Chi, or maybe Kung Fu.)
6.      Become an expert in yoga
7.      Read Le Petit Prince, Le Fantom de l’Opera, et Les Miserables en francias. Of all my goals, this is by far the least likely to happen.
8.     Travel somewhere new once a year
9.      French kiss a French man in France (inside joke)
10.  Do a happy dance on the pyramids of Egypt (another inside joke, but I'm still going to do it)
11.  Learn to play the drums.
       12.  Barrel race at rodeos.


  1. I should have put Egypt on my list.

  2. Love your list! I want to do a lot of that too :D

  3. Hi Teralyn! First of all, i can't believe i mistyped 'blogspot' as 'blogfest' on the entry form. i feel too stupid to put into words, hehe. thank you so much for the heads up, though!
    anyway, i love your bucket list! No. 1 is totally adorable, and i want to read even more than 1000 books before i die. like, too many to list, actually. id also like to get in some classics under my belt, but since im too young (read: immature and underread) to understand them, ill just have to wait.
    and here's a (sorta-kinda) inside joke of mine: kiss a new zealandish guy in new zealand, in new zealandish fashion--if it even exists. okay, that was totally lame, but oh well :D
    thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Great list! I like that you included pics for us visual people :) Also, there's a great range of goals. I might have to appropriate some! (Though not #1 ;) )

  5. Aw, your number 1 warmed my heart : )

  6. This is a great list! I just read on another blog about a good bread-baking book (Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day) I haven't tried it yet, but the poster swore by it.

  7. 1 is sweet. And I LOL-ed at 9. As for Kung Fu!! Try Wing Chun!! :D

  8. Neat list, and I liked the pictures! I say, make your four kids learn French and then have them read the books to you. =)

  9. You, madam, are an adventurist! I accepted half your dare, by the way. The hair will become red, but the tattoo's waiting on a milestone b-day.

    French kiss a French man in France. Brilliant!

    I dare you to go buy a bread machine and make your bread from scratch. Flour, water, bit of salt, bit of sugar, butter, yeast...whirl, whirl, whirl...DING! Enjoy. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  10. Love the list, especially travel somewhere new every year! I try to do that too.

  11. Egypt's on my list too!

    You know, if you read Les Miz, Little Prince, and Phantom enough in English then switch to the French version, it would be almost like you know the language fluently!


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