Saturday, March 12, 2011

My All-Time Favorite Book

Sari Web is hosting a fun blogfest where you can either get your work critiqued or write about your favorite book.

I chose to write about The Phantom of the Opera. It was nothing like the musical/movie, so please don’t lose respect for me. Although the music was incredible, let’s face it; the plot and the characters were stupid.
Why is this my favorite book? I’ve always loved beauty-and-the-beast stories. The ability to love someone who’s unlovable is a remarkable strength.
The main theme of the book is if we don’t love people who are unlovable, it destroys them and can turn them into monsters. The books shows how Erik’s character (yes, the phantom actually has a name) progresses as a consequence of the way he was treated. One of my biggest problems with the musical was that they didn’t even touch on this topic until the last 15 minutes.
Christine is one of the strongest women of all literature. I’m sick of people equating “strength” with the ability to be mean and beat people up. Christine is independent and intelligent, but her ability to love is her greatest power.
Erik, aka the phantom, is a fascinating person. He built secret passageways and booby traps into the opera house when he worked as one of the head architects. The book delves into how he did played tricks on people. It also delves into his life before the opera house: his poor relationship with his mother, working in the circus, entertaining a queen, becoming an assasin.
My favorite part of the book was the end when Christine expresses her love for Erik. It’s the most intimate, moving scene I’ve ever read. It wasn’t a make-out session like in the movie (which was meaningless, considering how much sexual tension was already between them). It was a genuine embrace that changed Erik’s life. His mother told him that if his face ever touched a women, it would kill her, and he believed it until Christine pressed her face against his and wept for him.
I wish everyone would read this book. It was truly beautiful.


  1. It does sound like a most moving, lovely book with mystery and pathos ... as all Beauty and the Beast books seem to have. My all time favorite book would have to be the lyrical, mystical, yet wry book, THE LORD OF LIGHT by Roger Zelazny.

    It is about a man of honor and wit, the captain of a starship, who battles in his own distinctive way the rest of the crew who have abused the passengers and their descendents on a world they were supposed to settle.

    The crew has set themselves as the Hindu pantheon of gods, using clone bodies to simulate reincarnation. The captain battles the crew by assuming the role of Buddha. A strange book about what lengths flawed people will go to in order to play out their desires. And how honor and courage can accomplish what at first seems impossible.

  2. The Lord of Light is tied with A Night in the Lonesome October for my favorite Roger Zelazny book.

  3. I haven't read it, but now I TOTALLY want to!

    Thank you for this, adding it to my list :D


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