Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Talent is Always Valuable

The lovely Tracy Dickens has posted one of my articles! She has a cute blog called "The Three R's: Reading, Writing, and Really Good Cake." I'm going to host her on my site soon.

The article I wrote is about how we get stuck in this idea that our writing is only meaningful if it makes money, but there are so many ways to use our writing for good.

I didn't have enough room to include a relevant story, so I'll include it here.

I know a woman who sews the most amazing quilts. Even though they're works of art, she rarely sells them. She gives them away as gifts. Most of my family members have one.

Once we had an exchange student from Brazil for Christmas, and she made him a quilt because she knew his family wouldn't be able to ship him any gifts. 
Her gifts have blessed many people. Can you imagine how beautiful the world would be if everyone shared their talents for free, just for the fun of it?

I talk more about this on Tracy's site.


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