Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Miracle? Fundraiser for a Writer's Conference

HNS Conference
After blogging about how badly I want to go to the Historical Novel Society Writer’s Conference, a few of my readers recommended that I start my own fundraiser. It felt like a crazy idea, but I thought: ”What if I can do this and I just need to try it?”  

I say never to pass up on opportunities, and this counts. I'm going for it.

Here’s how you can help me go to the conference: there’s a donation button on the right-hand corner of this page. Click on it, and enter your payment info via Paypal (you don’t need a Paypal account).

If I don’t earn enough money, if all the spots for the conference get taken, or if I can’t go for any other reason, all the money will be refunded.

The Prizes

To show my gratitude, I have prizes for everyone who donates. 
  • Signed postcard from San Diego and a public thank you on my blog for every donation
  • If you spread the word via blog, twitter, or Facebook: signed postcard
  • $10      A pdf of my journal experiences at the conference
  • $25      Unlimited critique query letter (we’ll keep working on it until it’s done)
  • $35      10 5x7 pictures I took in Rome
  • $50      1  8x10 framed picture I took in Rome
  • $75      A Sacred Fire t-shirt
  • $100    A book signed by an author of your choice at the conference
  • $150    A Roman cookbook
  • $200    pdf version of Sacred Fire before I send it to agents
  • $400    A critique of your full-length novel and query letter
  • For every $5, you get an entry in a raffle for the following prizes: postcard, journal, query critique, 3 chapter critique, 10 5x7 pictures, 1 8x10 framed picture, t-shirt, book from the conference, and a pdf version of Sacred Fire.

Thank you everyone for your support!


  1. Just donated! Good luck. (In jury duty now, about to work on your chapter....)

  2. Kris, you are the best! You have been so incredibly supportive and I really appreciate it!

  3. Good luck, Teralyn! I just donated-- wish I could do more, but I figure even a little bit helps.

  4. Hmmm... any way we could just send a check? My computer just had a virus and I'm very wary of putting my credit card info anywhere online. But I'd love to help out.

  5. Wow, Gina, I'm flattered that you would put forth the effort to send a check! I sent you an email. Let me know if you didn't get it. Thank you!

  6. My paypal address is different from my blog address, but was me :D

  7. I hope you make it! Just made a donation, and I'll post on the Cheetah.



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