Friday, April 1, 2011

The First Time I Loved Biology

I'm more of a physics girl myself, but this video made me fascinated with biology.
It's an animation that goes into the inner workings of the cell. By the time I was done watching it, I wanted to grab a book and find out what all those beautiful shapes where and what they did. You can click here to find that info.

Science nerds will adore this, but non-science nerds will love it too.

You wanna hear something weird? My post They Like Me! They Really Like Me! has easily twice as many views as all the other posts, and I didn't even think it was all that great. I've heard other bloggers say you can never tell what will be popular. I guess I can attest to that.

(I just realized this is kind of cute, because my readers like it, they really like it! Get it?)

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  1. Nerd meet nerd. I loved your post, since it is seldom that someone appreciates the science awe we nerds experience. Good blog.


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