Friday, April 29, 2011

The Story of a Legless Photographer

Kevin Michael Connolly was born without legs and gets around by using a skateboard. He’s traveled the world, and in his travels, many people have stared at him. It's difficult to imagine what it would feel like to be on display all the time.
Connolly had a genius idea. When people stare, he takes a picture.

At first, I misunderstood and thought this was a hilarious revenge. Can you imagine accidentally gawking at someone and then they whip out a camera? But that’s not Connolly’s intention at all. He keeps his camera at his side and people don’t even know they’ve been photographed.

On his website, The Rolling Exhibition, Connolly wrote: “Whether it is a glance or a neck twisting ogle, we look at that which does not seem to fit in our day to day lives. It is that one instant of unabashed curiosity – more reflex than conscious action – that makes us who we are and has been one of my goals to capture over the past year.”

You can go to his website and read about him and his memoir, “Double Take.” You can go here to see some of his photos. I highly recommend the video below:

UPDATE: I'm getting a ton of hits from Google searches about Kevin Michael Connolly's... anatomy. To satisfy your (perhaps perverse) curiosity, Connolloy says he has a girlfriend and won't go into details beyond that, as far as I know.


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