Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learning about Sex

The Talk. We all have memories of the uncomfortable moment when our parents explain the birds and the bees. 

It wasn't too bad for me. After The Talk was over, my parents gave me a book to read to give me further knowledge. I wonder if they knew I would read it from cover to cover. 

One of my homework assignments at school was to read 20 minutes everyday. Logically, I counted the sex book toward my twenty minutes. Why wouldn't I? It was a book, and I did read it. After writing down how long you read, you had to write about one thing in the book you liked.

There was a chapter in the book about how girls going through puberty are treated by boys (whistling and catcalls) and how to deal with that discomfort. One girl said, "I hate it when they tell me I have big boobs. Maybe one day I'll point at them and yell out, "Hey, you've got a big penis!"

My nine-year-old self thought this was hilarious. I wrote in my reading log, "I like the part when the girl told the boy he had a big penis."

The teacher gave my parents a phone call.

My parents had to have another talk with me about appropriateness. Unlike the original talk, that was pretty awkward. 


  1. ROFL.

    That's great that your parents took both opportunities to teach ^_^

  2. My mom is a doctor and she does not beat around the bush, so whenever we asked questions she would give us the medical-appropriate explaination. Needless to say, we all kinda knew that stuff by age six.
    Your story is much more intersting, though.

  3. Interestingly enough, I never got the talk. ;)

  4. Here is it in July, and I finally clicked on the horrified face of the little boy. What a hoot!
    I never got the talk regarding penises. Menstruation was all I learned. Seriously. I figured it out at college, when figuring out the electrical plug I had to replace. 'What the heck is the female part, and the male part?' Really.

  5. I'm a little horrified hearing that some parents aren't open about sex. Where else are your kids going to learn? School? Movies? No thank you. It also teaches kids that it's too dirty to talk about, and it's not. I'm so frustrated!


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