Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Never Assume You'll Fail

College was fun, but it was tough. I remember one semester in particular I felt exceptionally overwhelmed.

I was certain I already failed my American Heritage class, so I came up with a “brilliant” idea: I would stop worrying about that class completely and only work on my other classes. I wouldn’t even bother taking the final. This cut my stress level in half and made it much easier for me to finish the semester.

I passed my American Heritage class with a D.

What kind of class lets you pass when you didn’t even take the final? Apparently the curve was so high that even students who were failing the whole semester were given good grades at the end.

I felt so stupid. If I had taken the final even without studying, I could have had a C, at least. Originally I had planned on taking the class again and getting an A, but there was no way I was going to take the class again after I passed it. Now I have a nasty blemish on my transcript that was completely preventable.

I learned from this experience that I can’t predict how the future will work out for me. Even if it seems like I’m doing something pointless and I’m sure to fail, I might only be inches from the finish line.


  1. Great post, Teralyn. Definitely felt that way about several classes in college, and it's a great way to apply it to our lives now.

  2. I found myself in similar situations to yours several times in college and the only thing that kept me going was a genetic stubborn streak. I did okay in American Heritage, but I still hated it.

    I really appreciated this post. I think everyone needs a reminder that it's always best to see things through, no matter what.

  3. Great advice!! Something I wish I had listened to many times during my life. Hind sight is always 20/20 though.


  4. Teralyn, where do you get the pictures for your blog? Today's was extremely funny.

  5. Thanks, Mark! I just run Google searches, and I keep making the search more and more specific until I find what I need. For this one, I think I searched "fail school." I look through several pages and always find something perfect.


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