Monday, April 25, 2011

Now Starring... Pick Actors for Your Book

Here's a clever idea for a blogfest from Rapturous Randomocity: you pick actors for your book, then say why you chose them. I have no idea whom I want to act in Sacred Fire, but I just so happen to know exactly whom I want for Hunger.
Chris Pine – Eric
Eric is mysterious, handsome, and has intense eyes. He’s lived a tragic life and he’s sick of it.
Chris Pine played Captian Kirk in Star Trek. Why did I choose him? Just look at his eyes. That says it all.

Ashley Green – Savvy
Savvy is cute and her innocence is childlike. She’s has an intense passion for life. Her energy is Eric’s life-force.
I chose Ashley Green because she was adorable in Twilight.
Can't you picture those two together? There would be some definite chemistry.

Gale Harold - Alex
Alex is sarcastic and cares about nothing but pleasure. His greatest joy is tormenting Eric.
I’ve never seen this guy act before – I just found his face on Google – but he definitely has the look.

James Marsters - Damien
Damien is evil and manipulative. He has platinum blonde hair, pale skin, and he only wears black. This makes him look unsettling.
My gosh, James Marsters looks just like him. This is Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I can’t believe I found someone who’s so close to what I imagined.

Ryan Gosling - Sam
Sam is pathetic. His life centers around drugs. His eyes are bloodshot, his skin is pale, and he has dark purple slashes under his eyes. He looks deflated and ghost-like.
From what I’ve seen, this guy always plays clean-cut boys and heart-throbs, but I don’t know, I can just see him as a lost druggie.


  1. I LOVE James Marsters. He joined Smallville for a while and with him and Tom Welling on one show... I almost couldn't take it. :)

  2. Great list! Chris Pine is my runner up for my male MC. Love him because he does have very intense eyes.

  3. I'm in love with your cast, especially Chris Pine and James Marsters. And I love how you've cast Ryan Gosling against type.

    The Devil’s Song

  4. This is kind of a fun idea! I have to confess though: I know practically nothing about actors these days.

  5. I love doing things like this! And you've got a great cast here. :)

  6. What a great cast. So funny about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer guy--isn't it amazing when you find the perfect picture for one of your characters. I like Chris Pine too. Oh, and I've got Ashley Greene playing a part in my movie too :)

  7. I found one of my actors through doing a google image search. After I found her I had to go watch her act. Sometimes you just find the perfect face.
    Thanks for participating, and be sure to check back on my blog on Wednesday for the announcement of the winners.

  8. Oh yeah, Chris Pine and Ashley Greene - I agree, I think there is potential for chemistry there! Your characters are also interesting (even with just short descriptions) that I'd like to find out more about your book.

  9. mmmm Chris Pine, gotta love him! I have his Daddy (from Star Trek) in my book ^.^ I'd love to know more about your book

    Thanks for taking part in my blogfest!


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