Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Forbidden Love in Arizona

My aunt and uncle in Arizona had the cutest little lap dog. It was long with a box head and short hair except for its paws, tail, and head, so it looked like a Chinese dragon.

During a family reunion at their house, I answered the door for the mail man and the dog went shooting out like it was running for its life. With no time to put on my shoes, I dashed after it and singed my feet on pavement that could fry eggs.

We ran for blocks and the dog didn’t slow down. She turned corners without pausing, and I could tell she knew exactly where she was going.

Finally she turned into a yard and flew through a bar fence. In the yard was the biggest Rottweiler I’ve ever seen. He could have eaten this little dog in one gulp.

He ran to her at top speed. I pressed my face against the fence, but I couldn’t get through. There was nothing I could do but watch her impending violent death.

To my surprise, they nuzzled passionately against one another. It was like a canine version of Romeo and Juliet.

I had to knock on the front door of the house and explain that my aunt’s dog was in their backyard and I needed it back. I tucked her under my arm, turned to go back, and remembered that in Arizona suburbs, every house looks exactly the same.

My feet sizzled and the dog barked for her lover as I wondered how on earth I would find the right house. I walked back in the general direction I came and luckily found my cousin getting out of a car.

A year or two later, the dog ran away and they never found her. The family was devastated, but I like to think she found her Rottweiler and that this is the end of a beautiful love story.


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