Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Going to the Writer's Conference

I registered. I bought my plane ticket. I paid for my hotel. It’s official; San Diego, here I come!

How did I accomplish this, you ask? I will tell you. But first, I will tease you with this paragraph so I can bask in the look on your shocked faces.

Okay, here’s how it went down:

A blogging friend of mine donated to my fundraiser and then offered me a personal loan. We were able to negotiate the interest rate and payback period so that, unlike an expensive bank loan, it perfectly met my needs.

I knew the fundraiser was doomed for failure before I started it, but if I hadn’t done it anyway, I wouldn’t be going.

Even after I paid for everything, it didn’t feel real. The only emotion I felt was relief. My goal was met, I didn’t have to think about it anymore, and I could relax.

It really hit home that I was going when I told Kris. She wrote back, “See, you made your miracle. Tuccia would be proud.”

Who knows? Maybe Tuccia really is proud of me.

Now it's flight of the bumblebee to get ready. The conference is only a month away! I'm going to try to edit my book so it's in somewhat decent form, practice my pitch (I get to pitch to an agent of my choice, one-on-one!), read up on the authors and agents, read as many books as I can from the authors, and answer the very important question: what am I going to wear?


  1. That's so awesome - congratulations :-D Have a blast!

  2. So glad you'll be there! It'll be fun to connect in person.

  3. I'm so proud of you! That's wonderful! You go girl!

  4. That is fantastic. Have fun at the conference.

  5. Best of everything at the conference! We are having rain here in San Diego County today, and it is supposed to be cooler all week. So bring layers, a rain jacket, and comfortable shoes. Good luck.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm pretty pumped about it! I dearly hope the weather is nice while I'm there; I hear San Diego is beautiful.

  7. That's awesome! I'm so excited for you...and a little jealous...

    You HAVE to share your notes when you get back!

  8. Just spoke to my sister, the Californian. She says it will be chilly, so dress in layers! We'll be by the sea.


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