Monday, May 9, 2011

Only 13 Days Left to Help my Fundraiser

HNS Conference
Today I went on the site for the Historical Novel Society Writer’s Conference and I found out there’s a deadline to sign up: May 22

I feel silly. Of course there would be a deadline.

If you’re planning on donating to help me go or spreading the word via blogging and Facebook, there are only 13 days left!

I’ll be honest; I didn’t think this fundraiser was going to work from the start. I’m not disappointed about the new deadline. I started this fundraiser not from a radical sense of optimism, but because if I was going to meet with disappointment, I wanted to know I did everything I could.

As it is, I’m shocked that I received the amount of support that I did so far. It feels rejuvenating to know that people out there want me to succeed – even people I’ve never met!

I also appreciate the non-monetary support from people who visit my blog, spend time reading and commenting, and show me that I can be interesting and I do have something worthwhile to say. This blog is many things for me, including a confidence boost and a supportive network that drives me forward.

No matter what the outcome, I’m glad I tried this.


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