Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Many Descriptions to Choose From

I bought some St. John’s Wart because it’s supposed to lift your mood, and I broke the capsules open to make tea. After the first sip, I came up with different ways to describe my experience.

Statement: St. John’s Wart does not make good tea.
Emphasis: St. John’s Wart does not make good tea.
Adjective: St. John’s Wart makes horrible tea.

Adverb: St. John's Wart makes tea horribly.

Physical reaction: As I sipped my tea, I was overwhelmed with so many horrendous flavors that I saw spots and I gagged into my cup. The tip of my tongue stung.
Physical description: The smell was deceptively mild. The taste was a potpourri of faint earthiness and an explosion of bitterness. It was so potent that the green stained my lips and cup.
Personification: My tea tried to kill me. It was like Mother Nature was using leaves to get revenge on mankind for destroying the planet, one tongue at a time.

Sarcasm: Oh joy, another healthy food I'd rather die than eat.
Simile:  It was like the bitter juice of a hundred unripe lemons and the fumes of a hundred gasoline tanks were injected into a single leaf and strained into my cup.

Which description do you like best?


  1. Sounds like a tongue-numbing experience. did you really feel about it? ;-)

  2. I have to go with the simile. Although personification is a close second. While I love tea, I prefer the exotic blend of lipton. Perfectly blended with loads of sugar and a dash of lemon slightly chilled over ice.

  3. The simile gets my vote easily.

  4. Definitely the simile. =) Hey, it lifted your mood eh? Life can't get much worse than that tea.

  5. I would say the physical description is my favorite, and the simile is my second. What grand descriptions! I loved it!

  6. Remind me not to drink this tea. lol

  7. I'm surprised no one liked the adverb... ;)

  8. This would make a great writing exercise for different types of voices. After the first four which only bicker over grammar, the last five have unique sounds of character in them. They also remind me of the Myers-Briggs personality type Sensing vs. Intuition. The first two would be sensing, dealing with the concrete traits of tea or person, and the last three would be intuition, viewing the tea from a theoretical point of view.


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