Monday, May 30, 2011

Taking a Blind Date to Prom

 For Sommer Leigh's write-about-high-school blogfest, I decided to share this awkward experience:

When I was a senior in high school, I dated the hottest guy in the city of Portland. He had a 4.0, he played piano in the jazz music club at a prestigious magnet school, and he looked like a movie star. He only liked me as a friend, but no one in my high school knew that, so who cares?

I was super excited to go to prom. I even paid a family friend to sew me a custom-made dress months in advance. I assumed I would go to prom with Mr. Perfect, but when I asked him, he said he had agreed to go with someone else before we started dating.

You have to understand how random this was. There are ten high schools in the Portland district, all with their own proms, and he just happened to get invited to mine.

This put me in a predicament. I had few guy friends, but they already had dates, and I didn’t know any other boys well enough to ask. When my friends and family found out I didn’t have a date to prom, they all banded together to find someone for me. I mean ALL of them.

Thus began one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

Despite their combined efforts, no one could find a date for me. My grandparents even took a picture of me and showed it around to the boys at their church, to no avail.

This search went on for at least a month. I considered calling off the search many times, but I had an expensive dress I couldn’t waste, and I really wanted to go.

Finally, one of my friends said she found someone in her neighborhood who was willing to go with me. I asked questions about him, but she was hesitant to answer any of them. When I asked if he was cute, she answered, “Well… I don’t know. I grew up with him, so I don’t really see him like that.”

There were two other girls in my school who knew him, and they all answered the question the same way. I asked them to at least show me a picture of him, but they never did.

He showed up at my house with a group of my friends while my mom was doing my hair and my seamstress was putting the finishing touches on the dress. I asked the seamstress to go out and see what he looked like so I would at least prepare myself before I went out there.

When she came back, I said, “Well? How does he look?”

She hesitated, then shrugged. “He’s not really my type.”

I felt nauseous dread as I walked out to finally see the guy who would take me to prom. He was sitting at the table talking with the others. He was….


He was really cute.

It turned out to be an incredible night. He was fun and sweet, and after the dance we took a walk out by the river. I did that thing where I pretended like I was cold when I'm not so he’d put his arm around me. We talked for several hours before he finally took me home.

My mom was furious because I broke my curfew (which I never had any intention of keeping in the first place), but I didn’t care. I had just taken a blind date to prom, and it was wonderful.

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  1. Oh, why did everyone tell you that? You must have been a nervous wreck. I had a blind date where they guy ended up being 5 inches shorter than me. O_o

  2. Haha. What a great night! I like this write-up of it.

  3. All's well that ends well.

    Unless after this success, they felt justified in trying to intervene in all aspects of your life. :)

  4. Yay for a blind date that went well! In college, I once went to a movie with a bunch of people...that turned into a double date with a boy I'd never met and his parents...and it turned out the boy was separated from his wife but still married...that was awkward. :) I'm glad your blind date ended up so well!

  5. What a great story of blind dates going well :-) How terrifying that no one was able to put you at ease :-)

    I have only had one blind date in my life and it was a terrible disaster. I would like to have your experience instead :-) Also it would make a great YA book.

  6. Sommer: You can have the idea, if you like. This is as much as I'm going to do with it.

    Ardis: Yeah, thanks a lot! (She was one of my friends who with-held information.)

    Shallee: That's awful! Ardis went to a young single adult's dance at church, and on the sign welcoming people inside, it said at the bottom: ALL DIVORCES MUST BE FINAL. Isn't that terrible?

  7. I'm glad it worked out for you - did you ever see him again?

    P.S. For a few minutes there I thought you were doing the Tension Blogfest again!

  8. I missed out on the whole blind date thing. I guess that's a side effect of getting married young.

  9. Then why did everyone act like he was horrible looking? Or is that just an awesome writing technique you just employed?

  10. Glad you had a good time! :)

  11. Aaah, I went to my prom without a date? Yeah, I'm weird and bold like that. At the same time, most of my friends didn't have one either.

  12. Brooke - My seamstress is an oddball, so I'm not sure what she was thinking. As for everyone else, they grew up with him so he was like a brother to them. Thinking of him that way grossed them out. So, no awesome writing technique; that's how it really went down.

  13. What a great story! I was waiting for the horrible ending, but I'm glad he was cute. Even more, I'm glad he was nice! Although I guess he'd have to be, wouldn't he, if he agreed to take a friend of a friend to her prom?

    Shallee, wow! I'm guessing this boy was separated from his wife because she got sick of double dating with his parents? You dodged a bullet there!

  14. with the way the story went.. i thought at the end you would get married to him. haha.


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