Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lessons Learned from Last Author Encounter

I talk about Tea Obreht a lot for several reasons: 1. It was my first encounter with someone in the coveted world of professional writing, 2. She’s famous and I get bragging rights, and 3. I learned from the experience.

Here are three things I learned that I’ll be sure to apply to the upcoming HSN conference:

1. Don’t talk about myself so much. I already know what’s in my head, so I won’t learn anything if I’m the only one talking. At one point in the conversation, I interrupted Tea… interrupted her, and as I did it I thought to myself, “What on earth am I doing?” I made myself look bad. Never again.

2. These are human beings, not potential tickets to fame. When I think of business and social networking, I think of playing Monopoly. It sounds like a fun game.

This is no game. This is the real world, and I have an opportunity to make some great friendships. So, here’s my motto for the trip: Make friends first, connections later.

3. For heaven’s sake, calm down! I have a weird quirk that I’m actually pretty nervous about; when I get too excited, I stop making sense. I’m literally incoherent.

I was fairly eloquent when I spoke to authors at the Oxford Conference, but on the way home my husband actually stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Honey, you’re not making sense. Take a deep breath or I won’t be able to understand you.” I can just see myself talking to a famous person and blabbing until they wonder who let me in.

I'm glad I leaned these lessons in a low-stake situation. At the HSN Conference, the stakes will be much higher.

By the way, what do you think of my business card? You can make your own at Business Card Land and download a pdf so you can print out as many as you want.

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  1. Great things to keep in mind, definitely :D And I love your business card. Simple but elegant.

  2. I like it! Elegant and appropriate. :)

  3. Oh good, I'm glad you like my card. I just hope the black turns out at the printers.

  4. I like your business card, everything is easy to read and it's not cluttered. I also like the choice of flower.

  5. All I can think of is the poor dog. LOL

    Very cute business card! Nice colours :)

  6. LOL, yeah, that wasn't the highlight of the trip.


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