Thursday, June 23, 2011

My First Day

Everyone should have finished their entries for the Favorite Book Challenge by now, so click on the link to see what everyone wrote. Thanks for participating!

I went to my hotel room, jumped on the bed, and savored the moment. It was a cute room and there was a balcony with a nice view of the parking lot. The maids folded the toilet paper into a triangle, which I thought was so quaint that I kept folding it throughout my trip.

The first thing I did when I arrived was meet my critique partner, Kris Waldher, in person for the first time. The online world is great and all, but there's nothing like sitting to lunch with a friend face-to-face.

I found a roommate through the Historical Fiction Online forums, thank goodness.  I could have roomed with Sherry Jones, but I didn’t get to her in time. I was pretty peeved about that. Then I met my roommate, and I was no longer angry. She was awesome! We had some fascinating conversations, and I’m glad I met her.

I showed her my carry-on, which I had loaded to the brim with books to be signed. Both she and my husband were impressed that I could fit them all in. At registration, they gave me a name tag and a bag full of goodies, including bookmarks, candy, breath mints…

…and seven free books.

Apparently conferences always give away free books and everyone knew this except me. In a later episode, I'll tell you what I did with all my stuff. 

After registration, everyone gathered in a room to socialize. They drank wine while servers with bow-ties handed out hors-deouvres... bow-ties. How fancy is that? Dinner afterwards was delicious.

I brought business cards that I didn’t think would be useful. I figured, why not? Come to find out, the cards were an absolute necessity. Every time I talked to someone for even five minutes, we swapped cards. As soon as I sat down at the table, people passed around their cards before even swapping names. You can imagine how relieved I was that I brought mine.

The night ended with authors reading Fight Scenes, which was fun. Then I went to my room, practiced my pitch with my roommate, and tried to fall asleep.

Tune in tomorrow for "Nailing My First Pitch," in which I try to recreate my conversation with Shana Drehs word-for-word.


  1. I had a similar experience with the cards. They were a necessity!

  2. Teralyn~
    I've been thinking about getting cards made. Maybe a little early in my writing career, but what the heck!

    P.S. Tag, you're it! You've been tagged in a game of Blog Tag :)

  3. I haven't even considered cards yet, but that's a great point for attending a conference. And this all sounds so exciting, can't wait to hear more!

  4. OH MY SEVEN FREE BOOKS. How lovely. :D

    One day I will go to a writing conference and learn so much and have the time of my life. One day, I will.

    Until then I will attend one vicariously through your next few blog posts. :)


  5. What a great idea to spread these posts out over a month. I've already enjoyed the first two, and the conference has barely begun... I feel like I'm getting the experience of being there all over again, but this time it won't all go by in a three-day history-scented* blur. Keep 'em coming!

    * [If you're wondering what the scent of history is, it's something like a mix of charcoal, horse manure, and rose water.] :)

  6. I'm glad you like it! Chris, that's exactly how I thought history would smell like... weird.


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