Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Use Goodreads

This is my favorite website ever! All writers and readers and literate people should have accounts on this site. I’m not exaggerating, people.

It’s like Facebook for reading. Here’s a brief description of everything you can do there:

List and rate your books: This is amazingly easy. When you browse the books and see one you read, click on the stars to say how much you like it and the book instantly goes to your “Read” list. If you open “Edit my review,” you can add details.

To-Read Lists: You can keep track of what books you want to read by clicking on Add to My Books > To Read.

Find the best deals: When you open a book, click on “Get a Copy” and you can see a list of the best prices on the internet.

Lists: If you want to find a good book, you can click on Explore > Listopia and find lists like “Best Science Fiction” or “Books on Ancient Egypt,” or any kind of list you can think of.

Discuss: On your home page, click “Discussions” and you can see what people are saying about the books you read.

Add friends and see what they do on your news feed.

Join a Group: There are forums for every kind of topic you can think of. I’m a member of a NaNo group and Historical Fictionistas.

Author Profiles: Much like a Facebook account, authors have pages where you can see what they’re up to.

Giveaways: You can enter to win hundreds of free books; all you have to do is write a review once you’ve read it. I haven’t won anything yet, though.

Book Swap: When I have a real job I’ll buy books at full price, but right now I get all my books for free on Goodreads. Go to Bookswap to see which books are available, request one, and pay for the shipping cost (around $3). You can also create a wish list and scroll through “My Wishlist” to see which of your books are available. You’re expected to give away some of your books in return.

There’s more, but that’s all the big stuff. I hope you have fun exploring the site. Feel free to friend me!

The voting for the Design Your Cover Contest starts tomorrow! I hope you all decide to join. If you're nervous about making a cover, I can show you my original entry that everyone said looked like an erotica novel. That should make you feel better.

By the way, who voted for someone when the contest hasn't even started yet? Not cool, people.


  1. I LOVE Goodreads! It's the most awesome reading site ever! No exaggeration there!

  2. I am addicted to GoodReads! It was my dream site growing up - I always wanted a way to organize and rate books and share with other people.

  3. I've not been on GoodReads very long but I'm loving it. The Never Ending quiz is very addictive...

  4. GoodReads is absolutely awesome and is the guilty pleasure I turn to for procrastination (aside from blogging and Facebooking). I can browse around GR all day long. LOVE IT!!!




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