Monday, August 1, 2011

Inner Dialogue While Building a Work Ethic

There’s only one way for me to build the work ethic I want; no internet until I finish writing for two hours.

I didn’t think I could do this. Opening my internet first thing in the morning is an ingrained habit, and nothing is more difficult than breaking a habit (which is why I need to make writing a habit in the first place). It wasn't going to be easy.

Here’s how my first day went:

I pull out my June To-Do list and wonder for the millionth time if I made the right goals. I tell myself there’s only one way to find out.

The Firefox button is alluring. Clicking on it would be so easy. Resist!

I’ve been stuck on a few scenes for the past week, so I take about 1,000 words of notes to try and figure out what I to do.

Did I schedule a post on my blog for today? I ought to check and make sure. Oh, don’t be such a worry wart; I know I scheduled it.

I reorganize a few scenes to make Tuccia’s character development clearer.

The other day I wrote something on Facebook that could take the wrong way. I need to check so I can do damage control. Don’t do it! She can be offended for two hours longer.

I decided to add a new scene. This means more research. (Fourth draft and I’m still doing research.) I find out what the Romans wrote wills on: wax tablets. Cool.

This process would make a good blog post. I should write it now before I forget. No, no, no! Take quick notes on a notepad and do it later!

I discover a fact that doesn’t make sense, which will complicate parts of the story. I look it up… lucky me, I find conflicting sources. Thanks, Rome, for making my job more difficult. When I go to heaven, I’m going to have a little chat with the ancient historians who didn’t take good notes.

I don’t feel good. I should check to see if anyone’s commented on my blog post so I can get an ego boost. Oh, for heaven’s sake, you’re obsessed with that dang blog.

Since the facts I gathered for this scene can be interpreted several different ways, I make a list of possibilities and analyze which would be the most likely.

I forgot, I was going to add Elizabeth Loupas’s new book to my Goodreads list. I better do that before I forget. No! Make a note and do it later!

I stare at the computer screen and tap a pen against my lips while I plan out the new scene. I get ink on my lips.

I should check my stats and analyze whether people prefer it when my blog posts are more personal or more removed. Stop it. Seriously.

Time’s up. Thank goodness; I’m tired. I didn’t get any actual writing done, but I made great progress.


  1. Lol, love it! Hmm, I need to research this scheduling blog post thing.

  2. Cute! I so know the only solution: writing on a non-wifi hookup laptop downstairs.

  3. When I write, it is normally on a laptop that makes the internet more annoying than tempting.

  4. Someone I actually managed to get the writing I needn't done without getting distracted by the Internet.

    I use it as a reward instead of telling myself I can't. If there's a blog post I want to read, I tell myself I will finish this page first. I know you said that that doesn't work for you, but you didn't mention the Internet.

  5. ha! This is definitely something I relate to. It's so easy to get side-tracked by a million different things. What I tend to do is open a few things I want to watch or read and leave the tabs open. Once I write uninterrupted for a certain amount of time, then I allow myself to look at one of the tabs. Kind of a reward system, I guess!


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