Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Epic Celebration/Book Group/Party

Time to celebrate! I have 200 followers *takes a bow*. The work on my book is on schedule, and it will soon be ready to submit. I got a job after being laid off from my last place. I played as an alternate in a roller derby bout for the first time ever.

Not to mention it's the 100 year anniversary of when my favorite book, The Phantom of the Opera, was translated into English.
I could do another blogfest, but that’s just not good enough. This calls for a party.

I want to start a pimped-out version of a book group. We will read The Phantom of the Opera and discuss it on the awesome forum, Online Literature, and on this Facebook event page.
Over the course of a month, I'll post fun activities and info about the book.

The group will continue until October 28, three days before I start submitting Sacred Fire.  On that day (or a different day if you can't do it then), everyone participating in the book group will throw their own local party and watch the silent film version of the book.
We will not watch the musical because the musical was stupid.
You can do anything at the party. It can be as simple as a group of people eating French food to as big as a masquerade ball.

The day after our local parties, we will have an online party where we will chat on Facebook. We can talk about the book, our parties, what we thought of the silent movie, or anything we want.

Come join on the event page and you can be involved with all the news about the group.
Spread the word, both online and in your community! Whether only a few people participate or a ton, this will be a blast!

You can download the book HERE or order it online (link will take you to both).  You can also get it at any bookstore.

Click here to read about why I love The Phantom of the Opera so much.


  1. I love the Phantom of the Opera (the book)!

    Congrats on having 200 followers!

  2. Yay for all of your celebration reasons! Good luck with the submitting, and the roller derby. :)

    I have a copy of the book, but haven't actually read it. *blush* If I have time, I might jump in.


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