Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Support Your Favorite Authors

At a bookstore near my house, I saw one of my favorite books – Pope Joan – on the counter in the special order pile.

“I love that book!” I told the book store owner.

She perked up. “Really? You’re the second person to mention it.  Maybe I should put it on the shelves.”

“You totally should. It’s pretty popular in England; they even made a movie out of it.”

“No kidding?” She picked up a piece of paper and wrote order Pope Joan. “You know of any other books I should get?”

I had just bragged to some friends about the conference in San Diego and wanted to show them the books of the authors I met, but I couldn’t find any in the store. Not even the bestsellers. I was disappointed both that my friends weren’t being read in my area and also that people were missing out on good books.

When the owner asked for recommendations, I thought, Is it really that easy? I listed off every name I could remember from my Facebook “HNS Conference” list and she got excited as she scribbled them down. When I was done, she thanked me and got on the computer to order them right away.

This got me thinking about support networks. I used to think when I got famous I would have the influence to help out other writers, but readers have a lot of influence already. 
Here are some ways to support your favorite authors:

  1. Recommend them to book store owners and managers. Apparently, they appreciate requests.
  2. Recommend them to any book groups you’re in. Recommend them to your friends. 
  3. Buy them at full price. I try to buy from small bookstores instead of chains. If I have to buy books online, I prefer to buy from actual stores instead of Amazon or Half.com.
  4. Give them positive ratings on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Powells. 
  5. Post that you liked the book on Facebook, your blog, twitter, and any other online venue you can think of. 
  6. Send the author fan mail. I’m sure a kind word never goes amiss. Maybe I should send Donna Cross an email since I didn’t get to meet her in San Diego (grrrrr).

If you can think of any other ways to support authors, let me know!


  1. Maybe you'll meet her at HNS 2012 in London? (Gotta think big!)

  2. oh, MAN, TR, this is such a great post and such good reminders to everyone! I think we're all sort of surprised by how easy it is to get stuff in bookstores.

    Thanks for the heads up and great suggestions/reminders. And good for YOU! :o) <3

  3. It's so bizarre how "big" the world of publishing can seem, but everyone needs support. I remember being shocked when I started emailing authors and they got back to me. But it is that simple. Great post!

  4. That's so cool! And I try to buy books at full price too because I wouldn't want people buying MY book at half price! AWESOME post!

  5. Yay Teralyn! What an awesome way to promote the books you love.

    I love going to abebooks.com to buy books online, because it's made up of a lot of independent bookstores that sell online.

  6. How wonderful to be able to advise a bookstore owner on books! Great job, there! Now I need to look for Pope Joan myself!

  7. Sounds like wonderful advice! A good way to be proactive. Thanks, Teralyn:)

  8. Hi Teralyn, This is a great list. Do you mind if I use this list on my blog?

  9. Myne: Go right ahead! I'd like it if people reposted stuff of mine to spread the word about me, and to spread my ideas. I'm flattered that you enjoyed my post so much!

  10. Teralyn, great post, and I fully agree with buying from "real" bookstores. We have to keep them afloat so we can keep finding wonderful authors through browsing!

  11. Great post!Really i became very happy to know,how u support your favourite author.Your Book store owner appreciated for it.I agree with buying real book store.Thanks for sharing with us.
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