Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why This Blog is so Freakin' Important to Me

Check it out; I made a bookmark! I had the idea at my writer's group when everyone asked for my blog address. I had to spell out my name and they had to find a piece of paper to write on, and it was a pain. I thought giving them a bookmark would be much easier.


If you'd like some either for yourself or to pass out to your friends, send an email to teralynpilgrim@yahoo.com and I'll mail you either a pack of 10 or send you a template you can print out on your own.

When I had the idea for this bookmark, I got to wondering why this blog is so freakin' important to me. I mull over what I'm going to post when I'm away from the computer, and with all the time I've spent on this thing, I could have written another book by now.

It's not like I'm making any money off my blog... though come to think of it, I'm not making any money off my novel either, but I do that anyway.

I think I put so much work into this blog because people read it. That's the whole point of all of this: to be read. Writing can be for pleasure, for the art of words, for making a career, for fame and fortune. To me, writing is all of those things, but more than anything, I write to be heard.

Thanks for listening.

Let me know if you want a bookmark!


  1. That is so cute! I love it. What a great idea! Honestly, I just love reading your blog. You are amazing and such an inspiration to me.


  2. 0-0 You know how awesome it would be to have bookmarks for my blog? That's such a terrific idea. I would feel bad asking you though since it costs you money.

  3. Don't feel bad, Brooke, that's what they're for! Send me an email (or else).

  4. Hanson shirt, that is so sweet! Send me an email and I'll get you some bookmarks.

  5. And I am so very glad that you do blog!! I am learning so much writerly wisdom, one bite at a time (to paraphrase your bookmark! :-) Very cool bookmark by the way!


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