Friday, October 21, 2011

Are Elephants Afraid of Mice?

Mythbusters is a show on the Discovery Channel where two wackos test myths, such as can you shoot someone when they're underwater (no), can you fold a piece of paper seven times (no), will your eyes pop out if you sneeze with them open (no). 

This myth I found particularly interesting, and I think you will too; Are elephants afraid of mice?


  1. Maybe the elephant was being super cautious.

  2. I saw this episode (love the show!), and was amazed. They tried and tried different situations, but those elephants were definitely deterred by the mice. It was awesome.

  3. I can't believe it! I'd have bet money that elephants aren't really afraid of mice. The things you learn from reading blogs!pheapo

  4. Hmm elephants are probably just apprehensive/scared of anything that is small but scampers quickly. Lord knows I am! Hahaha. Thanks for sharing this video.



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