Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy Experience Day

Today, I want to hear stories of crazy experiences you’ve had. Either you did something crazy, witnessed something crazy, or something crazy happened to you. We’ll see who has the best story.

It was hard for me to think of stories I haven’t told already, but here’s one:

When I was in high school, I skipped school all the time. Mostly, I wandered around downtown, Catcher-in-the-Rye-style. A couple of times when I was bored, I took a homeless person out to lunch. Once I brought a cute guy to eat foot-long burritos and another time I took a couple out for Chinese.

It was awesome to see the look on their faces when they asked for money for food and I said, “Come with me, I was going to get lunch anyway.” However, I do not recommend that teenage girls do this.


  1. That's so awesome ^_^ I love stories like that.

    We were driving back to Salt Lake from Wendover, NV once. For anyone who hasn't ever made the drive, it's about 80 miles of nothing between civilization and civilization.

    We got caught in an insane tumbleweed storm. I've never seen anything like it and they were sticking to our car. We had two or three attach themselves to the bumper. So we pulled over to dislodge them and someone else pulled onto the same offramp as us at the same time.

    Turns out he was driving from California, and had hoped to get to the next Walmart on that tank of gas, because he could have money wired to him. He hadn't made it. So we gave him a lift to the Tooele Walmart 50 miles down the road, and enough money to have a cab take him back to his car.

    Now that I think about it, I have a lot of "I picked up a stranded stranger" stories, even though the idea terrifies me...hmm...

  2. My crazy day happened when I decided to assume someone else's identity. I was in desperate need of a job, and one crazy day I applied at a local art college in need of a drawing and painting instructor. I had no teaching credentials but I share names with a well-known Northwest painter named Stephen Hayes (we spell our names the same way). Thinking I was the famous painter, they hired me. My crazy day lasted eight years, and all that time the rest of the faculty thought I was someone else.

  3. Holy cow, Stephen. Everyone, good luck topping that one!

    Loralie: I'm picturing a tumbleweed storm in my head... that probably looked soooo cool.

  4. That's an awesome story, Teralyn. And Stephen, I'm definitely not going to be able to top that!

    When I was in Ghana, I was waiting for a minibus to take me back into town. A truck full of guys pulled up and asked where I was going, then offered me a ride. So I climbed in.

    Not the smartest thing.

    But it ended up being fine. I made new friends, and got a free ride!

  5. All the best and worst stories start with someone doing something stupid.

  6. I went to the Seattle 2011 Zombie Walk, which ended up breaking the world record for people dressed up like zombies. I didn't participate myself, but I snapped some fun pictures -- they were delighted to pose upon request.


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