Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm so Excited About My Phantom of the Opera Party!

My local friends have already started planning my book group party for October the 28th. The more we plan, the more excited I get!

We're going to watch the silent film on a huge projector in my friend's yard. I don't know what else we'll do... we're still collaborating ideas. I think in honor of its French heritage, we should have a cheese potluck where everyone brings a different kind of cheese. I also thought it would be fun to decorate masks.

By the way, I'm still adding stuff to the Facebook event page, and it's all really interesting (if I do say so myself). I have a photocopy of a newspaper articles, quotes, websites, and more, and I'm going to keep adding stuff.

I've opened discussions for this book in the following forums:

This is so exciting!

Has anyone else started to plan their party for the 28th?

This is my favorite cover because it's my favorite part of the book. Their kiss is easily the best kiss in all of literature.

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  1. The silent film version of POTO is certainly great, but I also love the stage version. In the late 80s my wife and I happened to be in New York and tried to get tickets, but it was sold out. The guy at the theater told us to come back in an hour because he'd heard a rumor that a celebrity had bought all 1400 tickets for that evenings performance and there was a possibility he was going to cancel. The celebrity was Michael Jackson, who'd wanted to see the play with a handful of friends. He did cancel, and we had a great time.


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