Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Parents Could Start a Cult

Last year I thought I wanted to be a substitute teacher (thank goodness I changed my mind), so I went to a teaching seminar. The teachers escorted us to a computer room so they could show us some resources.

The room was full of old people, so of course there were computer issues. What surprised me wasn’t the issues they were having, but how they tried to solve them.

They were doing useless things like clicking on the icon for as long as it took to open, shaking their mouse back and forth, and turning off their computer screen and turning it back on.

I read somewhere that understanding technology is much like learning a language. When you grow up with a language, it’s your native tongue and you can speak it with ease. When you learn a second language, you can never have the same understanding. Speaking it will always take concentration.

It’s the same way with people and computers; young people just “get” it. We don’t have to learn how to use the latest version of Microsoft because more often than not, we can figure it out on our own.

My generation understands that when a computer has problems, there’s a technical reason and a logical solution. Old people don’t.

I came to a realization; this is how pagan religions get started. Once when these people had troubles with their computer, they shook the mouse and the problem resolved itself. Once when a tribe needed it to rain, they danced and it rained.

To make matters even more interesting, old people talk about computers like they have personalities. “It doesn’t want to work,” one of them might say, or “It’s not happy today.” An ancient culture might have talked about the sky that way, and perhaps one day they gave it a name and a legend.

If it weren’t for our generation, our parents could have started a whole new religion.


  1. I must admit that I often swear at my computer. When our son is on the computer and it won't do what he wants he says that the computer is "farting." He attributes many more "human" traits to our computer, but I won't mention them.

  2. I don't know. My dad would have gotten a hammer and Mom would have boiled it for a while. They were very pragmatic.

  3. Funny stuff.
    I sometimes treat wireless internet reception the same way. When I sat here last time, it worked for me.
    Or remember when TVs had issues when people walked in the room or changed seats.
    This is all stuff I might still do a dance to get working again ;)

  4. So you're saying I shouldn't do a 'Tea-dance' waiting for a pot to brew? And that computers should't be punished for bad behaviour?

  5. Actually, I am one of those "old" people and I will not be seen shaking the mouse or turning the screen off and on. I understand technology. I will admit my kids have a better understanding sometimes but there are still those times when I do know something they do not. You "young" people still need to respect the "old" people and understand that some times come harder to some than to others; no matter what their age.
    *getting down off soapbox*

  6. I figured this would ruffle someone's feathers; the only reason I posted it was because most people I've met have a sense of humor about it. I just thought everyone would find it funny.


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