Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rob the Bod

At work the other day I made a call to a guy who’s first name was Hyman. I had the hardest time with the call because I couldn’t stop giggling. Even while writing this, I have a grin on my face. It’s immature, I know, but I can’t help it.
This is what I had in mind

This got me thinking about funny names. We could probably swap stories all day long, but here are a few of my favorites:

In college, my roommates kept talking about this guy named Rob the Bod. By the time they invited him and his friends to our apartment, I was excited to see him; anyone sexy enough to earn such a nickname was worth meeting.

He wasn’t unattractive, but I was… disappointed. Rob the Bod was shaped like any other guy.

I later found out his last name is Thiebaud.

Once when my sister-in-law was engaged, we invited her and her fiancé to play Wii games with us. She set up his profile with the name “Money,” because, she said with a smile, money was his “middle name.”

I thought this was the tackiest joke I ever heard, especially since his parents were rich enough for "Money" to be an appropriate nickname. He must have seen my husband and I exchange looks because he said, “No really, it’s my middle name. Here,” and he pulled out his driver’s license to show us.

His mother’s last name was Money, and she wanted her children to have both her and her husband’s last names, so she gave all of her children Money as a middle name.

When my mother-in-law moved from Alaska to Mississippi, she met a guy named Ayal. She thought that was weird, but was too polite to say anything. She was good friends with Ayal for three years before she finally saw his name written; it was spelled, “Al.” He had the very normal name of Albert, but it sounded different with the Southern twang.

Do you have any funny name stories to share?


  1. Ha ha! That's too funny. Too bad Rob the Bod didn't look like that guy up there. I'd be disappointed too. ;)

  2. How dare you post my picture without my approval! How am I supposed to make any money if people like you steal my picture without paying me. Ha!

  3. At my school we have a Unique (not how he spells it) Porch. And at the middle school, there is a Harry Chestnut.

  4. this one isn't about names, so much as labels...

    my husband has five adult children, and i often say, "jerry's kids" and then giggle, cuz i don't really mean that they are the "special" jerry's kids...well, ok, sometimes they are very special!


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