Friday, November 25, 2011

My Favorite Reproduction of Vesta's Temple

I ran a search for the temple of Vesta to see if any recent pictures have been posted online, and I found the most beautiful reproduction I've ever seen.

There's nothing like trying to visualize something in your head and finally seeing it exactly the way you pictured it. (If they ever made a movie out of my book, just seeing the set would make me excited enough to wet myself.)

Although the picture is beautiful, it's not the most accurate. The roof is wrong; on ancient Roman coins, there is no second level. There's supposed to be a grate surrounding the outer wall (I have yet to figure out why). He also doesn't have enough steps. I don't know why an ancient historian took the time to specify that the temple of Vesta had nine steps, but whatever.

If you want to see the most accurate model of the temple of Vesta, click here.

Here's what the temple looks like today:


  1. I've always thought the ruins of the Temple of Vesta too small to accommodate the importance of this organization. I've read Colleen McCullough's Rome series and as I understand it all contracts in the Empire had to be placed inside the temple to be legal. It just doesn't seem possible that four or five hundred years of documents could have been stored here. Maybe there were "out" buildings for such things. But this is a great model and a joy to see.

  2. Thanks! The documents were kept in the Vestal House, which was a mansion. They also kept wills and money. The temple was small because most temples housed collosal statues and were open for the public; the temple of Vesta represented the goddess with a fire instead of statues and was private (only Vestal Virgins could go inside). Ergo, it didn't need to be very big.

    Let me know if you have any other historical questions because that was fun.

  3. when i first saw the pic, i thought "wedding cake".

  4. Huh, it does kind of look like a cake. I actually thought it would be really awesome for my big opening party to have a cake decorated to look like Vesta's temple.

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  6. A good article, thanks!


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