Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you have a relaxing day, your food is delicious, and your football teams win.

Usually the holidays call for a story, but I told all my funny Thanksgiving stories last year in the article Thanksgiving Burritos and Burnt Honey Horns. Good times.

My extended family has a particular attraction to this holiday, since we're Pilgrims...literally. When I became a Pilgrim, I did a little research to find out the difference between a pilgrim and a pioneer. 

I found out "pilgrim" specifically refers to people traveling for religious purposes. The way I see it, Thanksgiving should be a celebration of religious freedom as well as gratitude.

I gravitate toward misunderstood religions in my writing, mostly because as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I belong to one. 

If it weren't for the Puritans and our country's founding fathers, who sacrificed so much for our religious freedom, God wouldn't have had the opportunity to reveal the church to Joseph Smith. Even with the standard of tolerance in our country, the early saints were murdered and driven out of their homes; at any other place and time, the church never could have even got off the ground.

I owe the Puritans a great debt of gratitude. 

This Thanksgiving, that's what I'm going to focus on; my ability to believe what I want without getting hurt and the ability to do what I want without being ridiculed.

Here's an article my church wrote about the same idea. I read it after writing this article; I guess we were just on the same wavelength.


  1. Isn't it awesome to know where your ancestors come from and know that your family is a part of that history?

    Also I love your attitude. :) You should always believe in yourself no matter what. Don't let others get you down!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Teralyn!!!


    The Red Angel Blog

  2. I second Red Angel's thoughts. If we don't know where we came from, I don't see how we can know where we're going or how far we've come. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I totally support religious freedom too, including the freedom to not believe in any religion if you so choose.

    Happy Thanksgiving Teralyn!!


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