Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Works in Progress

As Teralyn Rose Pilgrim

Sacred Fire: Tuccia loves being a Vestal Virgin – an ancient Roman priestess charged with guarding the fire of Vesta – until another vestal is wrongly accused of losing her virginity and is executed. Despite her anger at the goddess for letting it happen, she refuses a priest’s advances, even when he threatens to accuse her of being impure if she doesn’t give in. Only a miracle can save Tuccia from execution… and she knows exactly what miracle to perform. Status: revision

Voodoo Queen: Marie Laveau is famous in New Orleans for being the most powerful voodoo priestess who ever lived. Her daughter is content to live in her shadow until she must take her aging mother’s place as the next Voodoo Queen. Status: research and plotting

Joan of Arc (no working title): Does the world need another book about Joan of Arc? Yes. Yes, it does. Status: preliminary research

Fierce: When Trinh is abandoned in the desert by her abusive husband, she has no choice but to live with the Amazons: a warrior tribe of women. Melanippe hates men as much as the next Amazon, until she falls in love with one. An act of kindness convinces Thaley – the future queen of the Amazons – to risk her throne to make peace with the men. Status: first draft.

As Catherine Swift

Hunger: Savvy is an energetic college freshman without a care in the word… except that she’s haunted. Her ghost follows her around but is easy to ignore until she meets Eric, one of many men “cursed” with an insatiable hunger to feel alive. Savvy’s romance with Eric sets events in motion that uncover the ghost’s secrets, reveal a cure for Eric’s problem, and present them all with one unspeakable choice. Status: first draft

The Biddenden Maids: Eliza and Mary are conjoined twins living in medieval England who only have each other. Mary becomes engaged to a man who’s willing to look past her abnormality… to look past Eliza. As a conjoined twin Eliza never thought she’d be lonely, but watching the romance between Mary and her husband blossom makes her feel ignored and unwanted. She longs to find a love of her own, until she starts to fall for her sister’s husband. Status: outline.

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  1. Both the Catherine Swift books sound amazing! I will definitely be reading them when they're out.


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