Thursday, December 29, 2011

Are There Too Many Writers?

Kid, I feel the same way.
Sometimes I think of how many writing blogs are out there and I get overwhelmed. How do I stand out? How can I get more readers than everyone else? The competition is so fierce, it's frustrating.
I feel the same way when I walk into a bookstore. In 2009, 288,355 books were published in the United States alone. It makes me wish people would stop writing to make room for me!

I realized something that made me change my attitude:

My initial thought was less bloggers = more readers. But guess who reads more blogs than anyone else? Other bloggers. If writers gave up on their blogs, I could actually lose readers.
Who reads more books than everyone else? Writers!

There are more writers in the world now than ever before. Everyone wants in on the action. This is because literacy is at its highest point in history. We're all reading, we're all writing, we're all blogging, and sometimes it makes the world feel too big. But it's all to our benefit... mine, and yours.


  1. Well said, but then you're a writer! I read much more now that I follow blogs.

  2. So true! I sometimes used to worry the market was too saturated, but then again, I read 10 to 15 books a year, and if everyone does that... Yeah, the world needs us!

  3. It is NOT to our benefit. Not when the seas upon oceans of dilettantes out there are BURYING the real talent.

    This is NOT a good thing.

  4. I agree with the Anonymous post. Well said.


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