Monday, December 5, 2011

My Imaginary Rejection Letter

I had a dream last night that a particular agent rejected me. She sent me a letter with two pages full of criticism.

In the dream I was upset, but full of determination. I would apply the changes she suggested and try again. I would prevail!

Since this was a dream, the criticism wasn’t as helpful as I hoped. She said the beginning was slow, the book had no commercial appeal, and she didn’t understand why the Romans lived in Africa.

The most hurtful thing she said was, “I had my mom read this, and even she didn’t like it.”
I was disappointed, but I decided it wouldn’t get me down.

(Then I had a dream about a man on the run because he was so smart, scientists wanted to harvest his brain. I usually dream in stories, and they often have something to do with either amnesia or running from the government.)

Hopefully my reality will turn out better than the dream. At least now I know my subconscious has a good attitude.


  1. Your dream agent (and her mom) are pretty mean.

    I had a dream last night that a bunch of guys were crossing a desert in a chariot pulled by hippos and I kept telling them the hippos would be dried out long before they reached the other side.

  2. Ouch. But I also laughed (sorry!). Fortunately, I think the mom part of the rejection will stay in dreamland lol.

    Your subconscious is great though. Optimism ftw!

  3. Lori, I laughed too. My favorite part was the Romans in Africa. Apparently, I couldn't remember which book I had submitted!

  4. Your dream may sound funny to us, but I bet it was unnerving to you. On another note, I'd be pretty darn happy if I were to receive two pages of criticism from an agent. That would mean they actually read your manuscript. I'm being rejected by people who aren't bothering to read my book.

  5. Was last night the night for weird dreams? I hardly ever remember mine but last night, I had a dream about vampires and humans at a party together but one of the vampires "vamped out". A man captured the vampire and decided to take it home to study why it went all vampy. Apparently, I was a friend to the wife of this man and she begged me to go to their home to help. Don't remember anything beyond that.


  6. You dream agent sounds very unprofessional! Fancy telling you what her mum thought!

    Funny how the subconscious can torture us like that!

  7. I'm glad it was just a dream. Yikes!!

    Your other dream sounds cool - like the kind of novel I'd like to read. hehe

  8. Yeah, I'm just waiting to have a dream that I can make into a novel. How cool would that be? Nothing's felt just right yet, though.


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