Thursday, December 8, 2011

Taking My Own Advice

I've given a ton of advice on my blog this year. Since it's all stuff I learned as I went along, every article was one step behind what I was doing. Now that I'm reworking a rough draft, the advice is relevant to me all over again.

I went through my old About Writing articles to see which ones I need to use. Below are the articles and the links. If you're in the rough draft/revision stage, they might be helpful to you too:

1. Keep a work diary.
2. Write 2 hours a day.
3. Cut out unimportant words.
4. Use all eleven senses.
5. Flesh out the writing.
6. Only accept useful doubt; ignore everything else.
7. Every time I catch myself narrating, write in-scene and see what happens.
8. Start novel as late in the story as possible.
9. Edit one thing at a time.
10. Develop my characters fully.


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