Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Writing Should Never be Lonely

People say writing is a lonely hobby. I've never felt that way. There are too many writers in this world and too many opportunities to meet them.

For example, there's a writer's group here in Starkville, Mississippi (of all places). Paticipating in the group has been incredible. I met a dozen intelligent, creative people who support each other and swap ideas.

A group member who is a modern dancer offered to dance to a poem. I offered one about how flavors relate to break-ups (you gotta love random poetry). Watching her movements sync to the meaning of my words was captivating.

This hasn't been my only opportunity to socialize with writers. There's conferences, readings, forums, and (of course), blogging! My beta readers have been the greatest support of all; they held my hand and communcated with me almost every day about my book and how it should go.

Each year on the Nanowrimo forums, I invite people in my area to meet for a kick-off party. We also had a fantastic Night of Writing Dangerously this year. It was great to meet them in person and continue talking to them on the forums.

I do feel lonely sometimes when I start a first draft. People can help me revise when I'm finished, but no one can tell me the words to write. At some point, it's all you, and you have to go at it alone.

All the same, you can share your idea with your friends and other writers (and blog followers), and they can tell you how great it is even when it sucks.

Support is out there, and it's for you to use. Other writers are just as eager to meet you as you are to meet them.


  1. Sounds like you've got a great meet up group there where you are at.

    Although I haven't really pressed it, I'd probably be able to find other local talent to mingle with.

    I agree that writing doesn't have to be a lonely venture, but as you mentioned, when it comes to writing the story and getting it done, that's solely up to the individual.

  2. I think writing is a solitary business, but it can't be done, at least for long, without a support group, or at the very least what Stephen King called an IR--Ideal Reader.

  3. When I write I think of how I am feeling and that is what motivates me. It does feel lonely, but only the in the Spanish sense: "lonely" and "unique" are pronounced the same. What I mean is that my writing is my own.

    I do, however, love having my writing validated by others. Maybe it's a "solidarity in expression with group acceptance" kind of thing.

  4. Ooo, I like that a lot! "Solitary in expression with group acceptance..." I'll have to remember that one!

  5. I don't find it lonely either, because I have my characters for company! hehe

    Of course, starting my writing blog & meeting so many fellow writers has been AMAZING, and only adds to my distinct lack of 'loneliness'.

  6. I love the concept that writing doesn't have to be a lonely profession. Now that I have discovered the joy of blogging and can reach out to others writers, things are starting to turn around. I also recently connected with a wonderful writing group that meets every few months for a weekend of writing and sharing our struggles. It's been wonderful.

    Teralyn, I just want to say that for me you set the standard for a professional and diverse writer's blog.


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