Thursday, February 2, 2012

Prize for Critique Blogfest

The Critique My Blog Blogfest was a lot more successful than I thought it would be! I've been having a great time looking at everyone's blogs, seeing what works and what doesn't, and getting ideas for how to improve my own blog. I've seen about 15 so far and can't wait to see the rest!

One thing I love about this is I can't just skim through a single post like I usually do for blogfests; I have to spend actual time getting to know the site and the blogger. I've found so many people I want to follow now!

Boy, it's taking a lot of time, though... as the host, I have to critique each one. A few other people seem to be visiting all the blogs. It made me realize that those of us who are working hard on this deserve a reward. 
If anyone gives thoughtful critiques to all 50 blogs who have signed up, I will post a photo and link to your blog in my sidebar for 50 days.

It'll be right under the "About Me" on the right-hand side.

There's no deadline. If you want to take this challenge, just let me know when you're done.


  1. What a great service you are providing. You obviously have a very generous spirit.

  2. how sweet of you! i think i have visited 50, but didnt comment on those who did not participate. i just finished today =)

    it was fun! thanks for hosting it!

  3. One thing that struck me just looking at the names of the blogs...

    Theoretically, at least, the blog should be a way to help market and show your work. If, say, a novel does get published one day and your readers want to know a little more or interact or see what you might have coming up next.

    But the titles of a number of these blogs does not seem to lend itself to that, at least to my mind. And maybe this seems a little cart-before-the-horse to some, but it should be a part of your branding. You, as a novelist (and/or writer).

    Teralyn, I think yours works great for that (hmm, maybe this is my critique for the whole thing)... but others? Not so much.

  4. Seriously? Thanks, but I hate the title of my blog. It's so generic. The only reason I kept it was because I had already established somewhat of a platform before I realized how lame it was, and since it starts with an "A," it's always at the top of alphabetical lists. I'm a huge fan of titles like Paper Mountain, Write Away with Me, and Chubby Chatterbox.

    I was thinking about hosting a blog title contest. I wonder if anyone would be interested in something like that?

  5. For Blogfest Critique

    I'm going to begin this process now as i watch the Super Bowl. something has to keep me up until 4am :)

    Overall i like you blog. It's like mine in the fact it's easy on the eyes and you don't have too much going on. I think your colours are nice, it's easy to navigate

    I think the title is a bit plain, but you know what you're getting. Not exactly my kind of colours, but if they speak your personality then all is good

    Overall very good

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)


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