Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Deranged, Estranged, and Buried"... that's dark

I set up a Google Alert for "Vestal Virgins" (the topic of my book, Sacred Fire) in case anyone posts new information. It's easy to do: just go to and enter your search phrase and email address. Anytime someone posts that phrase on the internet, you get an email.

Most of the links I get are to travel journals of people who visited the temple of Vesta in Rome. I also get some pretty random sites, like Vestal Virgin lesbian porn, for example. I don't know why virginity is supposed to be so erotic; you'd think it would have the opposite effect on people.

Today I found the link to a song called "Vestal Virgin." I was excited... until I saw that the tag-line was "Deranged, estranged, and buried." Hmm. That's uplifting.

It's a poorly recorded punk mess, and it's pretty much the worst song I've ever heard. You gotta listen to it: click here.

The song refers to the method ancient Rome used to execute Vestal Virgins when they lost their virginity. They believed if a vestal was impure, it would anger the gods and possibly bring about the destruction of Rome, so they buried guilty vestals alive.

I guess if I were buried alive, I'd be pretty deranged and estranged too.


  1. The Romans certainly had no qualms about doling out punishment.

  2. I just set up a Google alert for my favorite painter, Titian. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I only recently started using Google alerts, and I love it! Maybe virginity is erotic because people fantasize about being someone's first?? No idea, but it made me think, which was a weird thing to think about and then I thought about how weird it is the things I think, and before I knew it it was next year and I was still thinking... :)

  4. Lol. Daisy, you need to stick around: you make me laugh.


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